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“What if you slept, and what if in your sleep you dreamed, and what if in your dreams you went to a perfect garden and there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower, and what if when you awoke you had the flower in your hand?  Ah, what then?”

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1817

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More proof that the New York Times is better than your newspaper:  the lead-in to their article on the winners of the stupid-huge lottery thing that just happened:

“What is $640 million divided by three? More math than jackpot winners in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland will ever have to do again.”


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From this week’s TIME magazine:

$25:  cost of purchasing Plan B., the morning-after pill, from a vending machine at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania;  it’s the only known such machine in the U.S.

OK, I thought it was cool when we made Saturday Night Live, but TIME magazine!  And last year, Carlisle High School was in TIME!  (remember, for having sheep mow their grass?)

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Son:  “Did you always want to be a jeweler, Dad?”

Father:  “I might have wanted to be an artist.  I don’t know.”

Son:  “Why not?”

Father:  “Because I’m a jeweler.”

—from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

(quote appears in both the film and the novel by Jonathan Safron Foer)

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I’m going to once again sing the praises of the New York Times.  It really does make a difference what newspaper you read.  The NYT treats it’s articles like small pieces of literature.  I was just reading their review of the current season of “American Idol” (the article is written by Jon Caramanica) when I was blown away by this description of Steven Tyler—a description other media outlets would not have even bothered to attempt:

“Mr. Tyler’s face alone is worthy of a weekly show, loose skin slippery over a distant skeleton.  He’s a Claymation figure come to life, all elasticity and wrinkle.  He dresses like a shaman, a time-traveling dandy or a runaway hippie teen.  His grin is wide, like the Joker’s, and when he’s laughing, really he’s braying.”

Something Ron Said Once

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  “I used to wear those cone bras like Madonna did.  Except they weren’t cones, or like Madonna’s.”

Something Ron Said Once

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   “I was sharting before sharting was cool.”

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