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Wild Harrisburg

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Valentine’s Dog Dagurreotype

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  1.  I know A LOT of people who hate Valentines Day, so it seems.  And every year, most of them feel a need to unleash an anti-V-Day screed of some kind via social media (almost always involving the word “Hallmark”, “corporate”, or “made-up”.  And hey, I get it.  In fact, I essentially ignore almost all holidays, and I’m quite fortunate that my life partner feels the same.  We don’t really hate any holidays, we just don’t really notice them (with a few exceptions).  But what I’m wondering right now, as I continue to see these same people with these same rants about these same holidays year after year after year…why not just ignore it?  Let it pass with zero comment from you.  There is little more that a holiday hates than a complete lack of attention from you, whatever holiday it happens to be that you hate.  Just a suggestion, of course.  Certainly I have lots I like to bitch about, too, but it just seems to me like bitching about a holiday is some wasted bitching.
  2. I sure love my dog.  Who doesn’t love dogs?? But I feel a very special way about Benji because I’ve been lucky enough to be brought into his life late.  Benji is 15, which is nearing the absolute oldest he can get for his breed (at the absolute most, he might live two more years but that is unlikely).  I spent almost all of my adult life wishing I could have a dog; almost all of that time, I lived alone and worked jobs with long and erratic hours and was hesitant to own a dog under those circumstances.  But, once I found my love Karla, she came not only with Boy, but with Dog, and my time with Benji has been very special.  Now, he is not without his quirks (a truly obsessive-compulsive licking thing that can literally coat an entire couch if no one is watching) but in just about every way, I could not love him more.  I’m sad that I don’t get more years with him, but the time I do have fills my heart.  Almost anyone who has a dog says “They are part of the family”, and never has anyone meant it more than we do.
  3. Here is the earliest known photograph (actually it’s a daguerreotype) taken in the city of Harrisburg.  It is from freakin’ 1860!:

Eating Apples in a Blanket Fort

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The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower

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IMG_20160826_094221305-01I used to be very passionate about the outdoors–getting out into the woods, lakes, parks, and so on.  Those of you who have followed my blog for years will remember many posts showcasing trips I made to various wilderness spots, posts full of photos and appreciation for the solitude (or camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts) that the outdoors brought me.  Not that I have ever been a serious outdoorsman–I’ve never really camped, per se, or hiked more than 6 or 7 miles at a time, and I don’t own one of those serious hiking backpacks or anything, but I did used to have a novice hiking backpack, with essentials like ponchos, matches, compass, a whistle to let bears know people were entering the woods, etc.  Anyway, sometime on my journey from 2010-2015 (when I moved from central PA to Erie to New Jersey to Philadelphia) I kind of forgot this particular passion of mine.  It was healthy and alive for much of Erie–there are plenty of pictures on this very blog to prove it–but by the time I landed back here in Harrisburg I’d fashioned myself into a “city man” and, although I was once again in close proximity to the trails and parks I fell in love with, hadn’t actually visited any of them in the year-plus since returning.

Today I went back, for reasons I don’t know.  I went to King’s Gap, to an old standby, the Rattlesnake Trail (which has been renamed the Scenic Vista trail!).  I was not prepared for how much I had truly missed the experience of being in the woods, especially alone, in the middle of the day.

It’s a shame I have come back to this passion in late summer, but I have no plans of forgetting again.  The refreshing it does for me, the reflection it enables–it is literally like refilling my tank with fuel.  Not to mention, all the spots around here that I frequent come with their own memories of the many times I’d been there before–the people I’d been there with, the eras of my life, my autobiography spelled out in the leaves.

Just like the old days, I have included some pictures here (blog exclusives! will not appear on Facebook!).  Like with any entry on Notes From the Fire, this is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer–enlarging photos to their optimum size dramatically increases their power.  :)  Thanks for reading!






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