Observations From a Made-Up Climb in the Himalaya

So, after all this time,
these are the Himalayas.
I have read so much about you
but never thought I’d stand here,
high inside your secrets,
your startling ripped canvas of sky,
holes punches in the sea of clouds.
Everything feels muted.
A white muting,
thrust up into nothingness.

Where is your citizen, your Yeti?
Yeti, down there we’ve got Friday,
and alphabets, and packaged bread.
Roses of deep red,
and shiny storefront windows.

Yeti, crime is not all
we do down there.
Yeti, there is beauty out of the wind,
out of the cold howling.

Yeti, we’ve got Shostakovitch,
and Scrabble, and canned pears.
At nightfall, we turn on lights, Yeti.

Up here, it’s neither moon nor earth.
Tears freeze.  There’s nowhere to turn.
It is a placidness beyond pain,
acute solitude.

Yeti, down there we have found a way to hope.
You could watch us as we birth children
among our glass ruins.
We master the art of forgetting.

Oh I would stay if I could, Yeti,
resident of the Himalaya,
never turning on lights at night
inside your four-walled avalanche
stomping on the everlasting snow
waiting for nothing.

3 Responses to “Observations From a Made-Up Climb in the Himalaya”

  1. Kiwi Warchola Says:

    That’s some heavy stuff. Makes me think about all that we do in this life. How much of it is futile? I’m our quest to make our lives easier have we over complicated things? I like pears. It sure is convient to open and a can and enjoy them. But to do that I need school, so I can get a job, so I can buy the pears. I’ll need a can opener, so someone has to build huge machines, so they can mine metal, so they can forge it, so they can sell it to me. A pear tree seems like a lot less work. I envy the Yeti.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I find the prospect of living high in the dark, cold, windswept Himalayas a very romantic, lovely notion. But there’s also something about “down here” that remains just as attractive. Is there somewhere we could have both? In your hall closet with a flashlight? Inside your car, buried under a snowdrift?

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    You should have invited the Yeti to climb down with you.

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