Sea of Ice

Famous people I know I would be good friends with if we ever got to know each other:

–Werner Herzog
–Kiefer Sutherland
–Anderson Cooper
–Emily Wells
–Dave Eggers
–Joaquin Phoenix
–Rachel Maddow
–Adam Savage

Oh hey, Karla and I were in line at a store last week.  We were next to be rung out.  We were standing kind of arm-in-arm.   We looked at each other and gave each other two or three quick, successive peck kisses.  The man behind the register threw his arms up in the air and bellowed, “FOLKS!  There’s other people here,” at which point he motioned to the other people in line behind us.  Then he said something along the lines of “Stop that” although I can’t remember his exact wording there.  We were flabbergasted!!  We hadn’t even been close to making out or kissing in any excessive way–whatever that would be!  It’s fair to say my anger was intense.  Karla pointedly asked the man behind us, “Were you offended?” and he said “I’m too tired to be offended.”  We were silent while he rang up our items.  As we walked out I said a very mean thing to him, which I do not feel bad about.

Oh hey, watch this video of Kay Ryan reading her poem “The Turtle”.  I mean wow.  “Her only levity is patience,/ the sport of truly chastened things.”


It’s not something you really wanna think about very much, but what songs would you want played at your funeral?  I actually used to think about this a lot, back when I was much more sad all the time, but even now the topic will cross my mind every few months.  Naturally my selections have varied wildly as time goes on and my tastes changed.  For many years I held tightly onto “Light Years” by Pearl Jam being one of the songs played, but that finally slid off the list a few years ago.  And thank goodness–in retrospect I can see that would have been gratuitously sad.  Just way TOO SAD.  Currently I am going with “A Three-Legged Workhorse” by This Will Destroy You, “I’ve Been Asleep For a Long, Long Time” by Hey Rosetta!,  and “Brian and Robert” by Phish.  I recommend trying this exercise yourself.  I think you’ll find it is quite revealing, not just about your musical tastes, but about the entirety of your life.

Here is a (partial) list of things I would try to get good at if I had unlimited time on this Earth:

–playing the guitar
–the yo yo
–ice skating

Oh hey, I’m reading a book about the earliest art to depict the polar regions after human exploration had begun there.  It’s a truly intriguing topic and some of this art is just spectacular.  Somewhat realistic based off the descriptions of the men who’d been there but also rather exaggerated and mystical as the place was still one of imagination and perceived danger and death.  Check out “Sea of Ice” by Caspar David Friedrich:




4 Responses to “Sea of Ice”

  1. I love it!
    The guy in line behind you sounds like he was just jealous. Nobody had kissed him for a long time.
    Sea of Ice is beautiful!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      We’re pretty sure the guy was just as baffled as we were and was trying to be neutral. Nobody observing the scene would have thought we were being over the top in any way.

      Did you see the crushed ship in Sea of Ice?

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    First of all, rung out?!?! Is that an East Coast thing? We say rung up here, like REAL Americans! You gotta share what you said the guy that no doubt was a Puritan sympathizer!

    I know for sure I have shared the tales of when I got super stoned and asked my friend the funeral song question, and also I’ve shared what song I want played. If you’ve forgotten (just check your dream journals) or want to hear again I’ll share but I won’t repeat myself otherwise.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Well, rung up and rung out, to my knowledge, exist everywhere and describe two seperate states of being. “Rung up” is when your items are being scanned/entered or when your final total has been reached. “She rung me up for $12.37.” Rung out is once you have paid and the transaction is over. “I’m glad we are finally rung out, that line took forever.”

      I said “Fuck you” to the guy.

      I do remember your blog about the funeral question, although I don’t recall your answer–you may tell me again. I’m curious, your answer hasn’t changed in all these years?

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