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Some Things I Like

Posted in Snippet on May 8, 2016 by sethdellinger

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post lately but unsure of what I was going to write about.  You know, one of those entries where I just talk about a few things that have been on my mind. A “topical” entry.  But as I sit down to write this I am SUPER tired and am convinced that any such entry I compose at the moment will be fairly boring.  Yet here I am anyway, typing.  Guess what?  Here’s a very random list of some things I like: Red velvet cake.  Felix Mendelssohn.  The US Postal Service.  Those presidential quarters.  Coke Zero.  Messenger bags.  The Jane Jacobs school of city planning.  Post-it notes.  Howard the Duck.  Backscratchers.  Snuggies.  Blueberry juice.  Free verse poetry from 1930-present.  High-end earbuds.  ALF.  Snowy owls.  TIME magazine.  Ansel Adams.  Salted peanuts.  “Magnolia”.  Death Cab For Cutie.  The abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels.  James Buchanan.  Salt.  Pajama pants.  Cheers.  The history of Arctic exploration.  Mousepads.  Index cards.  Futons.  John Sloan.  Red pandas.  Major League Baseball.  John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry.  Quantum entanglement.  Granola.  Summer.  “Fight Club”.  Journals.  Shoegaze rock.  Hiking the Pennsylvania Appalachians.  Three-on-three hockey.  180-gram vinyl records.  Super long showers.  Strong iced coffee.  The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Fancy socks.  Washington, DC.  Basenjis.  The history of Molokai, Hawaii.  Mirrorballs.  The New York Times.  Chukka boots.  Brut cologne.  Crispy tofu.  Peregrine falcons.  Heat.  Popcorn. Rivers.  Diet Dr. Pepper, and generic versions of such.  Oscar Wilde.  Boxer briefs.  Throw pillows.  The Little League World Series.  Ephemera.  Road ID.  “The Tree of Life”.  Big Band music.  Pinball.  Antique shopping.  Christmas.  Real maple syrup.  Planet Fitness.  The American Revolution.  Groupon.  Ten minute naps.  The “ashcan” painters.  Funyuns.  Globes.  Presque Isle State Park.  Cabinet cards.  The Donner Party (whatever, it’s interesting!).  Bluetooth audio.  Utilitarianism.   Elephant Ears (the plant).  The Reading Terminal Market.  Jane Kenyon.  The Large Hadron Collider.    Amazon Prime.  Oceans.  Archaeology magazine.  Large plastic drinking cups.  Band of Horses.  Upper Deck Hockey cards.  Comic book stores.  Maintaining an elevated target heart rate for over half an hour.  Pandora Radio.  Grape Hyacinths.   Riding my bike.  Q-tips.  Funiculars.  Mad Men.  Post-rock.  Muesli.  Independence Hall.  The Golden Girls.   Soy milk.  Postage stamps.  The Brandywine Valley.  Historical markers.  Swimming.  NPR.  Conan O’Brien. Being a Democrat.  Playgrounds.  To name a few.


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