I’m All-In For a Trump Nomination

Ultimately, finally, the nomination of Donald Trump for the presidency makes sense.  I welcome it.  Bring it on.

Trump’s ascendancy makes real and concrete the culture battle we’ve all been engaged heavily in for about ten years–with everybody either on one side or the other (those of you still arguing for some sort of middle ground are as obsolete as a laser printer).  We’ve crossed the Rubicon–there’s no going back, at the moment, to more moderate times. However bad it may be for our country, we are now all going to be forced to choose LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE.  That’s how it’s going to be, so you might as well choose and commit highly.

It was very nice and comforting, for a few years there, to think there was a way to meet in the middle.  A way to politely ignore it when your friends said things you fundamentally disagreed with.  A way to still lose yourself in the films of an actor you heard was on “the other side”.  It was nice to think the world was soft enough that we could still love each other despite our differences.

But it isn’t.  Not now.  Maybe some day, it will be again.  We can hope it will be.  But at this moment in history, the world isn’t soft-it’s hard, with edges that cut.  The issues we face now are issues of good versus evil, of which fundamental worldview will govern us and set the course for all of our futures.  It’s too important for softness, or politely ignoring those who disagree with you.

It’s tempting to hope against hope that somehow Trump will still not get the nomination, but that’s wrongheaded.  If some milquetoast stand-in like Cruz or Rubio got the nomination, that would just forestall the inevitable, giving us four or eight more years of almost deciding who we (as America) are.  We need Trump to get nominated so we can either win or lose this battle for the soul of our nation–so that our future course can finally be decided, for better or worse.

Bring him on.  It is very rarely in the whole of human history a great nation is presented with such binary, epic choices.


One Response to “I’m All-In For a Trump Nomination”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I find myself getting upset over Trump but then I remember that there’s no way the Republican party is going to nominate nobody, so it should be him. Let him be the nail in the GOP coffin.

    Part of me wants to rank him as my third choice for President. The policies he is running on are straight up garbage, but he’s a smart guy and knows how to manipulate the media. This might all be an act to get elected. Not that he’d be a sensible President, but I don’t think he’d be nearly as demonic as Trump the candidate.

    In the past he’s supported many Democratic politicians (including Hillary) with financial contributions and he does have his famous quote where he said if he ever ran for President that he’d run as a Republican because those voters will believer anything you tell them. A very distant third choice.

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