The Floating World

…living on for the moment, turning our full attention to the pleasures of the moment, to the pleasures of the moon, the snow when the snow deems its existence now-worthy, the cherries in bloom and the maple leaves if you are lucky to live somewhere near maple and maybe taking home a jug of real maple syrup that will get hard and grainy and unusable before you know it but you’ll get 6 maybe 8 of the best pancakes of your life out of that stuff before it goes, singing songs, oh singing songs, drinkng the most succulent fruit beverages you can find hopefully with pieces of mango or papaya immersed in the nectar, and I am not talking about pulp but pieces, diverting ourselves in just floating, floating along like otters in the most something of something, oh the words leave me dear but I’m sure you can picture the otter, can’t you?  Not giving a whit for setbacks staring us in the face, what some folks call troughs,  not to be disheartened, not to be withdrawn or fake, like a gourd just floating along a peacable current, this is what we call the floating world, the world of glorious life taking you where it will take you, and the things we see and feel, like your skin against my hand, laughing on the couch at my impressions and your jokes, your mouth contorting as you laugh so genuine, while outside the temperature drops and the darkness closes us in and the dog whimpers at the shadowy truths we all know but we deny just now, just for this moment, as we turn our full attention to the pleasures of the moment…

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