You’re Not Connected

You’re not connected.  Or you’re probably not connected.  You’re not connected to the world around you.  The natural world where you live–the changes in elevation, the bodies of water (where they come from, where they go, what’s in them), the kinds of trees around you, the wildlife–what else lives where you live?  What do they eat? How does the food chain work and what are the integral links in it that keep your local ecology chugging?  You’re not connected to that–you’re probably not, anyway.  Why were the roads built where they were built?  That is something you should know.  You drive on them.  They take you everywhere you want to go (or everywhere you think you want to go).  You are not connected to how the towns around you ended up being spaced the distance from one another that they are.  There is a reason for that.  The history of the place that you live, it is unique and alive and it shapes the way you live now.  There are famous people from your town–they were born there and went and did amazing things and then they died.  They probably loved the town you probably know nothing about.  There are famous people buried in your town (or near it, probably).  The place you live, at some point, played an important and vital and interesting role in our nation’s history (and hence the history of the world), but you’re not connected to that, are you?  Maybe you are.  Are you connected to the weather?  Do you know why these puffy clouds are up there today, meandering around a sunny temperate sky?  It’s affecting everything about your day today, but do you know how it works, why it is like this today but it was gray and wet two days ago?  Are you connected to the world you are moving through?  Do you know what the sunlight is that is hitting you, landing so gloriously on your face? Do you know how long it took to escape from the sun, how it moves, why it feels warm?  You’re not connected to the light, are you?  I know I’m not.  I try to be but I’m not.

It’s hard to be connected, isn’t it?  How do we do it, where do we start?

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