Something About Airplanes

1.  Weather!  During the last month or so, as the average temperature was dipping into the teens and single digits, I found my weight harder to manage (this phenomenon is far from unheard-of).  I found it harder to motivate myself to work out, was often craving more food and worse food, and often couldn’t even ride my bike to work like I normally do.  My goal weight is 150–which I have achieved and am currently staying at, but for a few weeks I lingered in the 155 area as the temperatures made life almost impossible.  Now this week we get a warm-up into the 50s and 60s and within days I’m back to waking up at 149.  Isn’t that wild???  The weather and temperature affects everything.  Oftentimes, even as these things are occurring to us and affecting us, we don’t truly realize the size of the impact they have.  I’m excited to be escaping the winter with my weight loss intact; I feel as though I almost lost my grip on it there for a minute (and for the record, I’m at my goal weight but not my goal body; the plan being to keep adding muscle mass while losing more fat–almost all belly, now–while staying at about 150.  Yeah, it’s kind of a bold plan, but it’s the only plan I have).

2.  I just heard that some “Breaking Bad” fans are frequently throwing pizzas on the roof of the house the show was filmed at.  And apparently an elderly couple lives in the house, and they have lived there for 30 years.  I know none of them are going to read this, but still: you gotta stop that.

3.  Today my mother and I planned on going up into the observation tower that is atop City Hall here in Philadelphia.  However, when we arrived at the office to purchase tickets, we were told the observation tower was closed that day, due to flooding!  Now, I grant you, it had rained quite a bit the night before, but how in the world does an observation tower, which is one of the highest points in the city, get flooded?!  Now sure, I can think of some plausible explanations, but still.  Annoying.  But here is a nice picture we managed to take during a perfect leisurely stroll on a gorgeous afternoon near Rittenhouse Square:


4 Responses to “Something About Airplanes”

  1. What a delightful day it was!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Either those people are really dumb and they think that the house is a prop in the middle of a real neighborhood or they’re completely inconsiderate and think that their ability to make a cool brag on Facebook outranks the sanctity of someone’s home. Either way I wouldn’t mind all those people spending a couple days naked in a scorpion filled pool.

    I am of course referring to the people at the ticket counter for City Hall.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      HA! Yes, those ticket counter people can fuck off!

      Really tho, I couldn’t agree more. What kind of douchebag would think that was cool?

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