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Love and Forgetting

Posted in My Poetry with tags , , on August 22, 2014 by sethdellinger

love and forgetting, two sides of
two different coins;

one perceives the curve of a bowl as the raw egg sliding down its side.
the other perceives the egg as a galaxy, the uncanny sun some relish feeling
on their faces.

one calls across a distance, Yoo-hoo!  Hello there!
one calls across the yard, You who?

one prefers the ornament and the closed-mouth kiss of morning.
one prefers French Horns and Trumpets with their hands down our throats.

peeling a banana, one is always posed in a thin white dress against a breeze.
one scoops the last bit of gelatin from a Depression-glass dish.

one stands waiting, expecting something.  wine, or maybe a storm.
the other comes like a horse gone days without water.

one sees a woman on her side, her stomach like pudding in the dark.
one sees nothing but the moon-drawn tide of one’s own body trespassing into the night.

love is so short,
and forgetting is so long.

Sideland Five

Posted in Sideland with tags on August 7, 2014 by sethdellinger

The new Sideland is up here.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Here is the explanation.  Need to get caught up?  here is entry one, here is entry two, here is entry three, and here is entry four.

Juggler, Fairmount Park

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