Sideland Four

If you’re into my Sideland blog, a new one is up.  Also, I think it might be a good thing of me to let you know that I am, in fact, working with an actual planned narrative here (ie, a plot), but of course, as you can see, it is not going to unfurl in a typical fashion and will not be a satisfying read in the sense that you consider most “fiction” to be; but I think it is important any of you still reading it know that I have sketched out a general outline that exists over the course of 20 entries (although I have an open-ended plan that could allow me to expand it to 30 entries) that contains, very roughly speaking, and beginning, middle, and end.  So if you’re still reading but not sure what the fuck I’m up to, stick with it.  Also this next entry talk a lot about my urine, just so you’re forewarned about that.  If you’re new to these, I suggest you read them in order.  The first entry is here.  The brand new (fourth) entry is here.  Enjoy!

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