Some video of a bike ride from Pennsport to Center City

I rode my bike into Center City today, and I had the idea that it might be interesting to take some video along the way, documenting the slow change in the city from sprawling neighborhoods into “big city downtown”.  It’s a neat idea, and one I hope to pull off better than this someday.  With some preparation, planned shots, and less wind, this could be an intriguing socio-political concept.  As it is, it at least shows you what it looks like to ride your bike from Pennsport to Center City.

On a nice day (like today) this ride takes me about 20 minutes and covers about 2.5 miles.  This is NOT my commute to work; it’s about the same distance, but a very different route.  My apologies for the wind noise for the first minute or so; it goes away.




4 Responses to “Some video of a bike ride from Pennsport to Center City”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I imagine if you got yourself a GoPro camera you’d quickly become best friends with it.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      What is this????

      • Kyle Sundgren Says:

        Wow, I am baffled you’ve never heard of it! ’60 Minutes’ did a segment on it and it’s creator less than a year ago. It’s basically a steadicam that’s handheld. A lot of people attach them to themselves as they do activities like ride motorcycles, ski, sky dive, etc. to give a unique POV shot. They’re widely available at consumer prices now.

        There are MANY Youtube videos available to check out. Here’s a nice short one

        • sethdellinger Says:

          Definitely something I would like to have! I will have to look into it…”consumer prices” could mean quite a few different things!

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