Eleventh Sobriety Anniversary

Thursday, April 3rd is my 11th sobriety anniversary.  Those of you who’ve read much of my blog or really anything of mine at all, know that I have written at length on my alcoholism, sobriety and recovery.  Probably more than any other personal subject I’ve written about.  Hey, can you blame me? It’s interesting. 

Anyway, I usually have some fancy blog written up for the occasion, but I may finally be out of good “anniversary” blogs—maybe until another major milestone year (although I’m sure I’ll still randomly write about the topic, despite the fact that I’ve now been sober more than twice as long as I drank…it’s still a damn interesting topic).  But I did want to take this opportunity to link those who may have missed them to last year’s anniversary entries; it was a two-parter in which I recounted, for the first time, the days surrounding April 3rd, 2003—the day I got and stayed sober.  Part one can be read by clicking here, and part two can be read by clicking here.

If you find these entries to be just captivating reading, I encourage you to click on some of the links in my “tag cloud” to the right of your screen—these will take you to all entries that I have “tagged” with that topic.  You can see there are tags for “addiction”, “alcoholism”, and “recovery”, but in addition, lots of other topics!  If, in the unlikely event you love the band Seven Mary Three, well, clicking on that tag for 7m3 is a no-brainer!  Also you can use the search bar right below that delightful picture of me to search every single entry—there are A LOT of them—for anything; for instance, if you’re wondering if I’ve ever mentioned you, search your name!

Anyway, I like being sober, it’s tons of fun :)

One Response to “Eleventh Sobriety Anniversary”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Congratulations on fighting human addiction. It’s quite possibly the toughest battle one can fight. That and the final boss level on Star Fox.

    I think I too would feel less eventful at anniversary 11. I know you won’t leave us in the cold with those fascinating tales of debauchery and redemption though.

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