Without a doubt, one of the more interesting postcards I’ve come across so far.  Not nearly as old as the ones I usually gravitate toward, but, have a look.  It appears to have been sent to Philadelphia from Dubrovnik, a Croatian city, a tourist destination on the Atlantic about the size of Harrisburg.  I assume the image on the front of the postcard is a view of Dubrovnik:


On the back: the postmark says  Dubrovnik and then a word in a language I am not sure of.  It is most likely Dubrovnik again, or Croatia.  The date stamped is March 6th, 1962.  You’ll notice the stamp is very interesting and appears to say Yugoslavia, and features a badass picture of what appears to be an Egyptian pharaoh, although that’s just my impression.  It is addressed to a Mrs. Allan Halpern of 2405 Spruce Street in Philadelphia—about 3 miles from my house, but only about one mile from where I work.  An easy walk.  The text of the postcard reads exactly thus:

(No. 3

Dear Mrs. Halpern

Jeepers Finish

The Book



No. 4.


5 Responses to “JEEPERS”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cool! Is Jeepers a person or another way of saying Golly? Hard to tell.

  2. That’s your Mom.^

  3. Aaahhh! So many questions! What book? Why so emphatic about the **book**? What’s the deal with the numbers? And the odd use of parentheses? And how did these people know each other – so far apart and before the electronic age. Are the X’s a form of ‘xoxo’ – an affectionate sign- off, or the XXX from a jug of moonshine, or XXX of pornography?

    An interesting find, indeed.

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