Hoffman Film Fest, Day Six

There aren’t many movies out there about the adult relationship between a brother and a sister.  And while the relationship portrayed in “The Savages” between Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character and Laura Linney’s character is nothing like my relationship with my own sister, it still stands out as a unique film for this reason photoalone.  Plenty of movies dig around in the grown relationships of brothers, or sisters, but any movies I think of where the main siblings are a brother and a sister either glancingly explore the relationship, if at all, or the characters and their motivations are shallow. (if anyone can think of a movie that explores this that I’m missing, let me know in a comment!) I actually just watched “The Savages” less than a month ago when my eyes fell on it on my DVD shelf.  It was the Phil movie I’d seen most recently before he died.

Because “The Savages” is available to rent on YouTube, there are no clips really available anywhere on the internet, but here is a GREAT little tribute/ featurette about the movie that includes some nice little scenes and people talking about Phil:

3 Responses to “Hoffman Film Fest, Day Six”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I never saw a movie of his and thought he was anything short of great, but when I saw this one in theaters I permanently put him in the category of immortal/one of the best to ever walk the earth.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah he really goes to some amazing places in this one.

      Your comment has made me think of the possibility of ranking all of his performances in order. I’ll probably do it. But not blog it.

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