I Wear My Heartburn at Night

There is something very unique about living alone.  Obviously, I guess.  Certainly it is not for everyone.  Mostly, it is for loners and pricks, I guess, but I must say it does agree with me.  I know I’ve covered this area a lot in things previously written, but I just can’t get over how…interesting…it is to not utter one word to a human being some days other than while I am at work.  Of course, my job requires me to say A LOT (“verbally exhausted” is the industry slang) so oftentimes, the break from speech is quite welcome.  This isn’t important.  Just thinking out loud.002

I was riding my bike down Snyder Ave. in the bike lane this morning and three teenagers were standing in the lane, craning their necks down the street, presumably looking for their bus.  As I neared them they didn’t budge one bit.  I also did not alter my course.  I buzzed by them, inches away.  I made eye contact with them as I passed, and they were obviously pissed.  One of them started to say something, but I wasn’t sure what, and I didn’t even let him remotely finish before I blurted out “Get the fuck off the road, kids.”  Either: A) I am a badass motherfucker or B) what the hell is wrong with me?


I have watched the movie “Meek’s Cutoff” three times this week.  It is an exceptional film.  I watched it when it first came out, in 2011 (and it even took second place in my top ten movie list of that year) and I promptly bought it on DVD, but I waited until this week to even view it a second time.  But then a second time became a third, and then a fourth.  It is an extraordinary film.  It is now one of the things that I will come to associate with this, the winter I moved into Philadelphia.  Watch this clip:

I rarely hear my neighbors, despite sharing walls with them on two sides.  However, when I do hear them, it is a bed squeaking rhythmically.  Sex or masturbation, I don’t know, but I guess I’ve lucked out, since there are no vocalizations to go along with it.  It’s just awkward, is all.

My mom and I went to the Hard Rock Café in Center City for my birthday.  Here is my mom there:


Oh, my birthday, by the way.  I turned 36.  So it goes.  That sounds pretty old to me, but I guess if I’m lucky, someday it will sound young.  People say life is short but it seems pretty long to me.  Longest thing you’ll ever do, anyway.photo12

This blog entry just took a turn for the sour because I have heartburn now.  That’s what I get for drinking coffee after midnight.  There, as far as I know, is no certified medical reason for drinking coffee after midnight to give you heartburn, but alas, it always does so, to me.  And yet, I continue to do it.  Lesson learning is not, nor has it ever been, my strongest trait.

It is unseasonably warm.  Can’t argue with that.  Everyone likes unseasonably warm.  Everyone.


6 Responses to “I Wear My Heartburn at Night”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    That clip and I assume the movie as well is pretty ballsy. It accurately captured what traveling by covered wagon was like. Day in and day out of just walking for months. You scan the horizon partly to look for potential dangers, but mostly it’s an act of desperation to see something interesting to break up the monotony. I write all this like I’ve done it myself.

    I gotta say Michelle Williams still looks like a gorgeous movie star even when she’s done up in old-timey clothes. I’m sure they got the accuracy correct as far as wardrobe and makeup (or lack thereof) for the time, but her appearance was the only thing that took me out of the clip because it was obviously circa 2010 and I’d really like her to bare my children.

    The title of this post made me laugh.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Dude you TOTALLY need to see that movie. Although there is basically no way for you to do it without a Netflix disc plan, it’s not streaming anywhere, of course. It is a VERY ballsy movie, just in the sense of cinematography. Michelle Williams is probably too hot for her role, but she does act the fuck out of it, so it works.

      Thanks about the title, it made me laugh too.

  2. Cory Warchola Says:

    I love disjointed rambling. And unseasonably warm weather.

    Try Zantac. I take it when I need it and for 24 hours I’m set, I could swallow a car battery.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It is certainly rambling, but I take issue with disjointed! :) How did I get so lucky to have you on my blog again?

  3. I feel you on that bicycle lane incident. as a runner/pedestrian, bicyclists on the sidewalks bring guaranteed rage. I don’t move for them.

    as for living alone, I worry about going (for lack of a better word) feral – even today, I worry about my wife and I spending so much time just the two of us that we develop our own personal set of norms that are invalid in more social settings.

    almonds can also help with the heartburn, if you’re a nut guy.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Exactly, I never ride on the sidewalk. If I have to get on there, I walk the bike. Bloody heathens. And don’t these people standing in the bike lane realize I’M ON THE ROAD??? WITH CARS???

      I definitely worry about getting weird from living alone. Did I send you “The Run and Tug Capital of the World”, from Erie? That whole thing is pretty much about getting weird from living alone. I often reference the “echo chamber” effect it has on the mind. It is definitely a balancing act, but I’ve found I’m pretty happy this way, so I keep rocking it.

      YOU’RE a nut guy.

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