Philly Journal, 12/5/13

I present to you, my video tour of my house and surrounding neighborhood!  As well as me wearing every Philly-sports-themed Santa hat I own (someone find me a 76ers one).  Yes, that is toothpaste in the corner of my mouth in the intro.  I’m not the sort of man to re-shoot it just because of that, though.




5 Responses to “Philly Journal, 12/5/13”

  1. very nice! Thanks for the tour.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    As soon as I saw your street I knew you made the right choice in getting rid of your car. You probably salvaged three more years of life just from avoiding the stress of parking in that neighborhood every day!

    That entryway would drive me nuts. Why is there are a door before there is a door?!?!? I’m sure there’s a reason and I’m sure I’ll think it’s dumb.

    -Were you steering the bike with one hand and holding the camera with the other one? I don’t dare attempt that myself.

    -The first few months of living in any new place is always a wonderfully new pink cloud experience. I have no doubt you’re taking in and appreciating every moment of it.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Seriously, I can’t imagine why anyone wants a car in the city. It would be a huge nightmare. Every day on the way home from work you’re just thinking, I wonder if I’ll find a spot today? I mean, I only work two miles away…it would be ludicrous.

      The entryway is certainly annoying, especially bringing the bike in and out. I can really only guess as to its purpose. It does seem to keep the cold out more effectively than just one door, plus it might be a crime deterrent (you can lock both doors).

      I do a combination of steering with one hand while filming, as well as holding on with both hands and holding the camera as well as a handlebar. Basically I’m amazing.

  3. I really enjoyed your tour! I figured you tied the camera on your hat.

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