Philly Journal, 11/19/14

I had a truly enormously long day today, but I’m still wide awake, so I thought I’d open up the old blog here and just start typing and see what came out.

As mentioned before, this move from Jersey to Philly was always going to require two moves, with half of my belongings being at my mother’s house in Jersey, and the other half at my father’s house in Central PA.  So we moved the stuff from my mom’s on Friday, and today was the day to go get the stuff at Dad’s.

So I woke up at 6am to leave, with my mother in her car, by 7am.  We drove the 2+ hours to Newville.  Travelling with my mother is always quite a joy, even that early in the morning, so the morning had that going for it.  Sadly, we had some rest stop bad luck and I got zero coffee until well over an hour on the road.  That was not swell.  Long story short, it was a pleasant surprise to find the U-Haul pickup spot was seriously about 300 yards from my dad’s house, so…that was a bonus.  Promptly after arriving, my parents and I set upon loading my belongings into the truck.  It was a little strange, as some of these items have been with me for quite a few years now, all over the state of Pennsylvania, and they’ve been sitting in my dad’s garage waiting for me for about 18 months, but it felt like we had just put them there.  Oh hi, couch.  Oh hi, chair.


Mom having lunch at a PA Turnpike rest stop

Mom having lunch at a PA Turnpike rest stop








Then, the long drive back to Philly.  I drove the U-Haul, following my mom.  There were actually quite a few misadventures on this trip, but I am, as I write this, becoming as tired as I really ought to be, so I must cut to the chase.  This is what happens when you begin writing a blog entry just to “see what comes out”.


Mom getting me back by surprising me emerging from a rest stop bathroom

Mom getting me back by surprising me emerging from a rest stop bathroom

Anyway, after unloading everything into my house in Philly and mom and I emotionally parting ways, I had to go to work!  It was only for a few hours to count inventory, but I was already bone tired!  Add to that the fact that “going to work” now also means a 15 minute bike ride, and I was NOT looking forward to it!  THEN, add to that some unforeseen complications during said inventory count, and what you have is me just arriving home at midnight.  I am so tired, I feel as though I could poop out an entire, intact feather pillow right now.


But the good news is, all my stuff is now here in my apartment.  Thanks again to everyone involved, but most especially my parents…a more supportive, badass, cool-to-the-max and unconditionally loving set of parents, I could not ask for.  And I now have a couch, a dining room table,

My living room with all my crap in in

My living room with all my crap in in

chairs, and all kinds of stuff one imagines when one thinks of…sitting down, and stuff.


Tomorrow will be my first real day off of work, with no “moving” to do since moving in, so I look very much forward to the free time to actually start getting this place in order and maybe stepping outside and exploring the neighborhood a bit.  My work schedule during this move, coupled with the move itself and it necessarily happening on my days off, has been just brutal (especially with my legs adjusting to the bike ride at the same time that I was moving boxes up and down stairs and onto and off of trucks in pretty much all my free time).  So I am in a pretty degraded physical state at the moment.  But it’s nothing one good night’s sleep and refreshing day off can’t undo.

This has been a fairly pedestrian blog entry.  My apologies.  I was more tired than I thought when I started.


8 Responses to “Philly Journal, 11/19/14”

  1. You still owe us a post explaining how you got your cable and internet installed on day one!

  2. Long day for you! Love you.

  3. Where do you keep your bike?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Well I haven’t got everything totally set yet, but I believe I’m going to be keeping it right inside the front door. My living room has some extra space that I have nothing to do with.

  4. Well, I got tired just hearing about all this. I could never have made it! How are your legs feeling now?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Better. Gotta try and have one day off the bike, though, so those particular muscles can recuperate and build more tissue. I have a lot of stairs to walk still today though, but the place is already coming together…very exciting!

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