Soon, Again

Someday I know I’ll just start waking up
at six o’clock in the morning again
and drive to my old high school
bleary-eyed and pissy
and walk unflinchingly into the first classroom
I see, ready to go again.
Or, failing that,
it seems certain
that one day soon the old friends
will drop by and pick me up
and we’ll scurry off the the drive-in theater/pizza shop
to play pool and the juke box and smoke reefer
for a few blissful hours;
or, failing that,
it seems certain
any day now some pals from way back
will knock petitely upon my door
holding a red bouncy kickball
and invite me to the church down the street
which boasts a really large green lawn
upon which we will play a long sweaty muddy game
of kickball, the kind with baseball rules,
except you can throw the ball at the runner.
Or, failing that,
it seems certain
that any time now
I will crawl directly back inside my mother
up the wrong way
and settle down inside the scarred womb
among the sinew and bloody tissue
to once again hear the songs of angels
and the sleep of forever.

2 Responses to “Soon, Again”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Man, I would love to play Kickball now. Could I offer one bit of criticism? I think only one use of, “it seems certain” works better. I’d change the second one.

    I can relate to this. I think a lot of us hold on to childhood as if it’s only something we’re not doing because we don’t live on that street anymore or because we have to work that day. If the perfect day came alone we could totally do exactly what we did in our younger days. Have you ever tried to recall all your high school classes in order for all four years? It’s a hoot!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I’m all for suggestions and criticisms, but I don’t know about that one…I mean, the repetition of that line is basically the whole structure of the poem, not to mention one of my favorite things about it! haha don’t hesitate to offer criticism in the future, but we really disagree on that one!

      I imagine the current version of me would have not so much fun doing most of the things I did when I was younger. With the exception of kickball. Yes, I would love some kickball in my life.

      I could not even get 10% of my classes in order…there are some classes I’m not even sure what grade I had them in!

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