Some day no longer will you doubt me

Postmark: January 10th, 1910 (that’s 113 years ago, folks).
From Eaton, NY, to Earlville (?) NY






Dear Brother

I will drop you a card and let you know that I am living and hope you are the same.  Well Frank

after “Well Frank” I can’t make this out, but I’m incredibly interested.  Reader help in transcribing this one would be much appreciated.  Remember, if you click on the image, you can get a full-screen version of it (this won’t help much if you’re on your phone).  I find this card, with the front image, the handwriting, the year, and the brother-sister relationship to be very unique…help me figure out what it says.

3 Responses to “Some day no longer will you doubt me”

  1. I think that this is a card between two brothers. After the first “Well Frank” there is something about “that goat I guess” “Watch a little while longer and then I will have the cash and I will by (buy) it of you. Well Frank this is you a looking over the farm that you will have by …by for your self and …you be a milking…”

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Interesting, but what about your translation makes you think it’s two brothers? The handwriting just looks very feminine to me. And, who are you?

      • This is Dorothy – I think it is between two brothers because in 1910, a woman would not be likely to have her own money to buy a goat (or boat) from her brother. Also, while the handwriting looks feminine in style to our post-modern eyes, I think most women would have been a little more meticulous with handwriting and spacing. I will go further to say that I think it’s a younger brother writing to an older one. Just a hunch.

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