Hot Dog Soup

About once a month, somebody “accuses” me of having an “opinion about everything”.  Some people actually find this to be a negative trait!  While I suppose having constant opinions coming out of one’s mouth might, over time, seem “negative” or “cynical”, what is the opposite?!  Certainly not “optimistic”, it’s just…unopinionated, which I can’t imagine is very different than uneducated.  Or at the very least, uninterested or lacking any substantial level of curiosity about the world around you.  And to me, a lack of curiosity is just about as unattractive of a personality trait as you can have.

“The blog”, as a general phenomenon is sadly going the way of the dodo.  The lion’s share of the content on the internet is now filtered through three or four different social network sites, with instant sharing, commenting, “liking”, where all the people you know are already congregated.  Taking the time to create and maintain your own blog, and then trying to convince everyone to leave the comforts of the social networking site to actually read your blog, is now more trouble than it’s worth for most people.  Myself included.  My blog output has been pathetic for over a year now.  But that might be partially because when I drop a blog bomb on you, like this or this, it goes largely unnoticed and uncommented on.  You people don’t deserve my blog.  Regardless, I mourn the end of the blog era, when, briefly, a bunch of everyday folks fancied themselves writers.  It was fun.  Now we’re all just statusers.

I’m scared by how fast technology is evolving.  I know, I know: what a very typical thing to say.  Everyone who has tons of opinions has that opinion.  But do you know about Moore’s law? If not, you should click on that link and read that article.  Moore’s Law is not a theory anymore; this is how the world is working now, and it is truly ghastly imagining what things will be like even five years from now.  Microchips in our brains is not a joke anymore.  I dare say it is something that will be happening soon.  And hey, look, I’m not afraid of change.  I’m afraid of change happening faster than we can adapt to it or control it.  There were thousands of years from when we invented the wheel to when we came up with the car.  It’s been 80 years since we invented television, and now we’re about to control them by waving our hands in the air.  And that progress is only going to keep speeding up, according to Moore’s Law.

I’d eat Hot Dog Soup, if it existed.

14 Responses to “Hot Dog Soup”

  1. Hot Dog Soup sounds great. Hot dog and bean soup sounds even better!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Forget Moore’s Law, Hot Dog’s law is flawless. That shit’s always hilarious!

    It’s way sad to come to grips that blogs are dead. With my most recent LA trip I condensed a jam packed weekend’s events into one status. Without even thinking twice about it either. Twitter’s 140 character has influenced Facebook even for people that don’t tweet. We’ve gone too far with condensing. No one wants to read a long blog.

    Live and die by your opinions. I’m sure you can proudly declare you’ve made an ass of yourself in the past. I know I have. Stand for something though, people! Unless you’re a Republican. Then think things over, THEN stand for something!

    • It is sad, but you are right about the demise of the blog, the changes that are coming at such an alarming (to me) rate.
      Who wants to go back, though? I was without my cell phone for two days and I felt like I was lost. By the time we have microchips in our brains, we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

      • Very good point Mom…it is easy to be wary of technology, but we do all seem to get used to the changes pretty quick! I just worry about how all these changes are affecting the way we develop socially…too many changes in the way we interact before society can make any corrections to itself…the kids growing up today will have trouble forming proper relationships, I think

    • I’m going to sincerely try to start blogging on the reg again. I know the community of bloggers is gone forever, but I really do love my blog and I hate to think of it fading into disuse. I just have to be comfortable having many less readers than before.

  3. The whole blog format is now dominated by folks just trying to use it to sell something. Long gone are the artistic expressions, the showcases for work, or the straight-up vanity blogs. Now, it’s all about monetizing and generating the affiliate sales.

  4. I’ve made Hot Dog Soup, and you’re not ready for Hot Dog Soup

    Besides….Fuck the people that don’t read your blog. It’s for the few of us that do AND get you and what it’s about. Your fake “followers” are just that. Some of us truly value your art and insight. Isn’t that who it’s for? We can’t control those that believe knowledge is only what you are capable of looking up and think art is defined by how many idiots think “it rocks”

  5. I currently read 3 blogs – one about marriage, one about football philosophy and strategy, and this fine, fine blog. i haven’t read all blogs, but i’d put yours in the top 1% – those that are worth the time it takes to read them. and I don’t even have time to read 1% of the 1%. I haven’t blogged myself since at least 2005.

    I do not mourn the death of blogs. too many would-be autobiographers or product monkeys are out there are saying in long posts what could be but needn’t be said in 140 characters. but I sympathize for you guys who do love the blog community. it stinks to have to watch it dry up on you.

    I do love this blog, and I check it daily, time permitting.

    • I agree, the vast majority of blogs are and were worthless, but once you are in the “community” of blogs, it’s kind of like a long-form, loosely-organized social network where instead of statuses there are long entries and everyone comments and interacts…it was a pretty sweet golden era, and all the better when your real-world friends were in on it. Sigh.

      And thanks for the kind words, both Cory and Paul.

  6. […] recently read this and it made me a little sad that the “blog” is going by the wayside. I’ve known […]

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