I’ve Spent My Whole Life in a Dream, But I Don’t Give Two Shits

Here is some seriously artsy-fartsy stuff, for those who are into that sort of thing.  I must give song credit in the video to the band Hoover, the song, “The Lurid Traversal of Route 7”.

very hot summer, I remember, we spent most of it down by the Spring, its clear
frigid water a haven. Water bugs danced on it.
The sun made hazy repeating patterns in the air (repeating patterns) and
swept us up in its geometricity.  We
threw rocks that made ripples, splashes, chased cranes, built dams that lasted
as long as a breath.  There were dreams
in the air for the taking, wisps, unfathomables.  It got so I couldn’t tell where the real
ended and the not-real began, where the waking ended and the not-waking began,
where the is turned into the not.  Once for
a moment years later and a great distance away I slipped back into that summer
without trying and was there with a slew of people I used to love but didn’t
love anymore, saw them bathing in that Spring, splashing, cavorting, concentric
circles (concentric circles) like pebbles thrown, the feathers of birds, the slightest things
imaginable.  I’ve lived my whole life in
a dream, but I don’t give two shits

2 Responses to “I’ve Spent My Whole Life in a Dream, But I Don’t Give Two Shits”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    An art museum should devote an Expo to you. Like a whole week of Seth’s videos on display. Take a month off work, make like 3-4 more videos on top of this and the others you’ve made in recent years and boom you got an Expo! Seriously, this seems very Miranda July, and I like her brandy of artsy.

    Apply for a grant that pays you to make this sort of stuff. You can always go back to your job.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Quite kind words, sir! Thank you, although I’m not sure I have the talent level you say. I don’t know that there are very many people who don’t know me who would want to watch my videos!

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