There Aint Gonna Be Any Middle Anymore!

Things I Don’t Feel Like Talking To You About

The weather, beyond what is happening right now.  The TV show you watch that I just told you I don’t watch.  The roads and highways I decided to take to get somewhere.  Your favorite commercial.  The incredible ins and outs of purchasing your home.  Traffic.  Your kid’s teacher.  College sports.  Why your boss is stupid.

Things I Like To See Depicted in Paintings

People on deathbeds.  Animals.  Historical scenes.  Children acting like adults.  People doing hard work.  People eating.  Life in big cities, long ago.  Sun-dappled valleys.  Oxen with steam coming out their nostrils.  Indoor scenes where other paintings are hanging on the walls.  People playing games.  Things in Pennsylvania.  People laughing.

Things I Most Often “See” in Clouds

Goldfish.  Multiple men rowing canoes.  Lit cigars.  Grabbing hands.  Rubber duckies.  An old woman on a rocking chair.  A lillypad.  A key.  A vine wrapping around a dilapidated newell post.  Shirts.  Elbow macaroni.

Names I Wouldn’t Mind Having

Toby.  Zachary.  Morton.  Milton.  Harrison.  Seamus.  Daschiel.  Winston.  Ezra.  Vincent.

2 Responses to “There Aint Gonna Be Any Middle Anymore!”

  1. Would you be happy with the shortened versions of the names that people would most certainly revert to calling you?

    Zach, Mort, Milt, Harry or Vinny? I’m pretty sure the others would safely stay in their god given forms.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha yes, believe it or not I actually did consider the short version before including them on the list…none of them are as good as the full version but still acceptable!

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