I Am Not Great

I am not great.  I am only nice to strangers through a concerted, concentrated effort. I judge people by the grammar they use, not the content of their words.  Even as a 35 year old, I can’t keep the interior of my car clean, or my bedroom organized.  I am selfish with my time and dread others asking to make plans with me during time I consider my own.  I can be manipulative, especially in order to have my ego inflated.  I think I’m smarter than everybody (no, really, I’m pretty sure I am).  I make no allowances for opposing political or philosophical viewpoints.  I bounce around in weight a lot, have bad teeth, bad skin, hairy feet and hands and still get a fair amount of pimples.  I am either dressing like an old man or a teenager, but I also judge those who choose any other style of dress.  I clam up when asked probing questions about myself and lash out at the questioner; I don’t understand this reaction of mine in the least.  I can be cranky, lethargic, overly-sensitive, intensely private, pissy, mean, and judgemental.  I overthink things.  I put things off, am a procrastinator.  I expect other people to simply understand what I’m thinking.  I have very little patience for people who aren’t great communicators.  I can’t build things, can’t understand cars or motors or complex machines, nor do I have any desire to.  I think my experiences are more important and valid than yours.  I screen my calls: all of them.  When walking in the city, I put my headphones in even if I’m not listening to anything, so I can ignore strangers.  I am not great.

5 Responses to “I Am Not Great”

  1. seems a bit harsh. Just sayin’ (:

  2. Well, I love you.

  3. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    You forgot, “I still haven’t seen ‘The Master'”. Hahahahaha.

    That was just to push buttons. More people should write something like this. Despite all these flaws it’s better to know about them than to be oblivious to them.

  4. oh, come on now…you must at least merely miss some of your calls.

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