Chances are, you care about none or almost none of my top ten lists presented here.  But you have to live with the fact that this post exists anyway.

It’s no secret that I love making top 10, top 5, or even top 100 lists of the things I love.  Not only do I love making them, but I find having them in the public sphere (ie, my blog) handy from time-to-time, as I’m discussing my favorites of something with someone and I can say, hold on, I actually have my list made, let me link you to it.

Over the past few years, I’ve made a few big lists (bands, books, directors, etc), but I find that some of these change so fast, use of the list in any sort of real-time discussion becomes moot.  So I am here updating them, although a few of them remain relatively the same as their original lists, others have changed drastically.

I am including a list of my top ten favorite movies for the first time since I made a very controversial top-100-movie list 6 or 7 years ago on my MySpace blog (most of which has disappeared for no reason).  This movie list will no doubt cause quite a stir with Kyle; it would also doubtless cause a stir with many of my other movie-centric friends, if in fact any of them still read my blog, the bastards.

All lists are in order, and are a list of my favorites, not what I consider “the best”.

My top ten favorite poets

10.  Randall Jarrell
9.   Jane Kenyon
8.  William Carlos Williams
7.   Sylvia Plath
6.  Billy Collins
5.  Denise Levertov
4.  E.E. Cummings
3.  Robert Creeley
2.  John Updike
1.  Philip Larkin

My top 5 favorite hockey teams

5.  San Jose Sharks
4.  Phoenix Coyotes
3.  Buffalo Sabres
2.  Columbus Blue Jackets
1.  Philadelphia Flyers

My 10 favorite (non-documentary) film directors

10.  Lars von Trier
9.  Sidney Lumet
8.  Terrence Malick
7.  Christopher Nolan
6.  Darren Aronofsky
5.  Danny Boyle
4.  Stanley Kubrick
3.  Werner Herzog
2.  Paul Thomas Anderson
1.  Alfred Hitchcock

My 5 favorite sodas

5.  Coke Zero
4.  Mr. Pibb
3.  RC Cola
2.  Tab
1.  Dr. Pepper

My top five football teams

5.  Detroit Lions
4.  Seattle Seahawks
3.  Buffalo Bills
2.  Cleveland Browns
1.  Philadelphia Eagles

My four favorite seaons

4.  Winter
3.  Autumn
2.  Spring
1.  Summer

My top ten radio shows

10.  Tell Me More (NPR)
9.  Science Friday (NPR)
8.  Mike and Mike in the Morning (ESPN Radio)
7.  On the Media (NPR)
6.  MLB Roundtrip (MLB Radio)
5.  A Praire Home Companion (NPR)
4.  Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!  (NPR)
3.  Talk of the Nation (NPR)
2.  On Point (NPR)
1.  Car Talk (NPR)

My top ten bands

10.  The Beatles
9.  Pearl Jam
8.  Godspeed You! Black Emperor
7.  Seven Mary Three
6.  Death Cab For Cutie
5.  Explosions in the Sky
4.  My Morning Jacket
3.  Band of Horses
2.  The National
1.  Hey Rosetta!

My top ten favorite TV shows

10.  Firefly
9.   Mythbusters
8.  Breaking Bad
7.  Seinfeld
6.  Picket Fences
5.  Carnivale
4.  24
3.  Mad Men
2.  LOST
1.  Northern Exposure

My top 5 baseball teams

5.  Baltimore Orioles
4.  New York Mets
3.  Kansas City Royals
2.  Cleveland Indians
1.  Philadelphia Phillies

My top ten favorite movies

10.  12 Angry Men
9.   Rope
8.  Citizen Kane
7.  Fitzcarraldo
6.  Children of Men
5.  Night of the Hunter
4.  Magnolia
3.  Where the Wild Things Are
2.  I’m Still Here
1.  The Tree of Life

My five favorite novelists

5.  Orson Scott Card
4.  Mark Twain
3.  Dave Eggers
2.  John Kennedy Toole
1.  Kurt Vonnegut

My top 5 (pre-my-birth) presidents

5.  John Adams
4.  Abraham Lincoln
3.  James K. Polk
2.  George Washington
1.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

My ten favorite books

10.  “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers
9.  “Maps in a Mirror” by Orson Scott Card
8.  “Slaughterhouse-5” by Kurt Vonnegut
7.  “Dubliners” by James Joyce
6.  “Letters From the Earth” by Mark Twain
5.  “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut
4.  “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway
3.  “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding
2.  “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole
1.  “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck

My ten favorite friends of all-time

Ha!  You thought I was gonna do this one???

My ten favorite albums

10.  “Plans” by Death Cab for Cutie
9.   “Infinite Arms” by Band of Horses
8.   “Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever” by Explosion in the Sky
7.   “Seeds” by Hey Rosetta!
6.  “The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw” by Pelican
5.   “Secret Samadhi” by LIVE
4.   “Abbey Road” by The Beatles
3.   “RockCrown” by Seven Mary Three
2.   “High Violet” by The National
1.  “Into Your Lungs (and Around in Your Heart and On Through Your Blood)” by Hey Rosetta!

Top women I’ve slept with

1.  Seriously, read this

9 Responses to “Lists”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I’m gonna shit in your mouth for your movie list. Open! Open! You deserve this!

    Odd how we both consider the Kansas City Royals our third favorite baseball team.

    OK, The Eagles, duh, the Browns and Bills play easily to your love of a loveable loser, and the Lions are exciting, but the freaking Seahawks! Bah! Not only are they division rival to Niners, but boring! Pete Carroll needs to stick to college coaching.

    No ‘This American Life’ on your radio list?

    Winter? Really? You put that in your top 4! Come on!

    Seriously everyone, read the women he’s slept with list.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha I knew the movie list would really fuck with you. It’s my legit list tho.

      I don’t know how to explain the Seahawks…to me, it’s kinda like the Royals…I just LIKE them, but I really couldn’t tell you why.

      I’m not a huge “This American Life” fan…it’s a great show, but I just can’t listen to it every week.

  2. Blasphemy. George Washington was a much better president. Unless you want to go visit Roosevelt, DC or Roosevelt State… oh, wait, YOU CAN’T! Because that’s how much more awesome Washington was than Roosevelt.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Brian, I’m surprised a man of your intellect would make a statement like this. First and foremost, I made a point of saying these were lists of my favorites, not BESTS. If everyone’s favorites had to coincide with bests, we’d have to go outside and rip the Eagles stickers off of everyone’s cars. Secondly, and more presciently, the places you listed were named before FDR was even born; while Washington was certainly a great man and a great leader, his “firsties” status always unfairly weights him. In addition, the world he inhabited was so vastly different than the one FDR did (and the one FDR inhabited was so vastly different than the one Obama does) it’s pretty impossible to directly compare them. It’s like comparing the 1911 Yankees to the 2008 Phillies. I hope my points have been made amply and you are now in a corner crying.

  3. FDR may be your favorite, but I think that’s because you don’t fully understand the gravitas that was James K. Polk, for whom the dance is named (take THAT, Millard Fillmore, and your “society”!) Furthermore, FDR was nothing compared to his cousin, Theodore. While TR was out killing the world’s rare animals with nothing more than a stainless steel kitchen whisk and a garbage can lid for a shield, FDR was just sitting around with a weird cigarette holder.

  4. I like the Seahawks. Something about birds attract me. Speaking of Hockey and Seattle, some investors are interested in bringing hockey to that city. A name proposal has been the Seattle Sasquatch. Not enough teams named after mythical creatures. I think there should be at least a college team called the Unicorns and Chupacabras.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      dude…that really would be a great name for a hockey team. I would like that team….except it’s existence might very well mean the end of the Coyotes, who I also like…

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