Philly Journal, 9/7

Philly Phacts

1.  Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the United States.  It’s kind of a big deal.

2.  The city of Philadelphia is its own county—the only instance of a city-county in Pennsylvania.

3.  The Greek translation of “Philadelphia” is literally “brotherly love”.

4.  It is one of the twelve “four sport cities”.

5.  As of December 31st, 2009, there were 829,873 registered Democrats living in the city, and 134,216 Republicans.

How I’m Doing!

I am really having a grand old time.  Living around people I know again, as well as working at a job whose main training tool is basically telling you to be really really nice to people, has started to make me come back around to caring about my fellow human again.  I love my new job.  I have really, really fallen in love with my mother’s cats, and I dare say they’ve started falling for me, too. Living with my mother is not only easy and tolerable, but downright great (and I don’t care how that sounds coming from a 34 year old; you can stuff your societal norms where the sun, it does not care to shine.  I am talking about your bunghole).  I have way too many fun and interesting things to do, all the time.  This new setup is redefining what I am interested in, and how I spend my time and money; where I’ll end up on that spectrum remains to be seen.  I will say that without a doubt, there will not be a year-end “Top Ten Movies” list of 2012.  I just cannot seem to muster the interest for movies right now (although there most definitely will still be a music list).  I finally got back to Central PA to visit friends and Dad.  It was a transcendant time.  Dad and I’s developing interests in local history are making for lovely, lively, emotional visits.  I only got to see a few friends on that visit but plenty more will be coming soon.  Paul is coming here to see the Phillies vs. Marlins with me next Wednesday, so that should rule.  I’m drinking a lot, a lot, a lot of coffee, and not just at work.  I got a new, finally very nice record player.  I’m kind of obsessed with it.  I’ve decided I like owls now and my sister keeps finding rad owl statues/ figures for me.  I cautioned her not to overdo it but with finds like these, I’m not sure overdoing it is possible.

Here’s a picture of my sister and I at the Franklin Institute

5 Responses to “Philly Journal, 9/7”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    “I’m talking about your bunghole” and “I’ve decided I liked owls” get my vote for the 2012 Sentency Award for Excellence In Sentence Humor.

    Stop with the declarations of things you won’t do! I don’t doubt your new found love of everything around you and how it makes seeing movies seem less cool, but the great movie season is about to start! There are new films from Tarantino and PT Anderson this year among many others! If you decide to make your year end movie list, I won’t say “haha” or “told you you would” or “there are picnics that are developing” because the first two would be rude and the third one doesn’t make sense.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      dude, I have been considering stopping the movie list for a few years now, even while I was still super into going to movies. The need to see every award-type movie, and to view these movies with the thought of where it fit in relation to others, was actually really harming my enjoyment of the movies I did see. I’m not saying I’m not going to go see any movies…I will def be seeing The Master and Django…but I can tell you without a doubt the year-end movie list is over.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        PS I already saw “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, which I’m pretty sure means I’m already beating you, anyway.

        • Kyle Sundgren Says:

          I’m seeing ‘The Master’ in two weeks. Enjoy your lead while it lasts :).

          • sethdellinger Says:

            haha oh I’m sure you’ll win…you’re not gonna goad me into seeing more movies than I plan on. Although I am sure The Master will be here before or at the same time it is there. It really is a shame I’m wasting access to the most amazing theaters I’ve ever been around.

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