Philly Journal, 8/4: Ben Franklin Bridge part 2

In case you missed it (you can see part one here), I’m very interested in seeing the Benjamin Franklin bridge from all the (incredibly various views) one can see it from.  Well a few days ago, my mom and I took a cruise on the RiverLink Ferry (listen fuckers, WordPress tells me how many people click on the links I take such pains to provide you with, and I know that NONE of you EVER do.  Would it be so bad for you to learn things about the things I’m already telling you about that you don’t really care about?  C’mon. What the fudddgggge???), which provided us some very unique views of the bridge…from the middle of the Delaware River!  Check it out!






From the shore on the Camden side



As a storm was kicking up. See the video in the previous entry to see it raining on the Delaware.




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