My 42nd Favorite Song of All-Time


“Revelate” by The Frames

I was introduced to The Frames by one of my last girlfriends (and when I say last, I mean, in all likelihood, final), who had spotted frontman Glen Hansard in the movie “Once” (both Hansard and “Once” are now a bit famous…The Frames, still kinda obscure).  My first exposure to the band was their live album, Setlist, and “Revelate” is the lead track on that album, and it immediately had me hooked.  I found and devoured and adored every Frames album almost immediately.  But nothing could ever compare to the version of “Revelate” that opens Setlist.  The live version below isn’t the EXACT version from Setlist, but it’s certainly close enough!

3 Responses to “My 42nd Favorite Song of All-Time”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Mosh cam! What is this, 1994!?

    We’re officially in a race now. First to get a girlfriend. It will be a perfect screenplay. One man who can easily get a girlfriend but doesn’t want one and another man who’s brain turns to potatoes when he’s around girls but desperately wants to settle down with one. Ready, go!

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