Philly Journal, 7/17: Photographs

Not to toot my own horn (OK, actually, that’s exactly what I’m going to do), but the last few days, I have really been in the zone with my photography.  I mean, if there was someone out there who had been following my photography and was so inclined to have an opinion on it, what they’d say right now is This is the golden era of Seth Dellinger photography.  Take a look at my subjects, my framing, and what I choose for the backgrounds.  Someone buy me a good camera and I’ll take the world by storm!

Remember, these images aren’t at their full potential until you click on the one you want to see, let it re-load, and then click on it again to see it full-screen.  But when you do so, it does not open a new window, and so you must use the back arrow to go back to the main blog page.

















3 Responses to “Philly Journal, 7/17: Photographs”

  1. Adrienne McGuire Says:

    I made fun of you but these are some really nice shots!!!

  2. Some very nice shots in this golden era. Like the alley the best.

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