Philly Journal, 7/13

Things are settling into what feels like a normal life here in Mantua.  It took quite some time to feel like I wasn’t just visiting.  (I’m not entirely there yet, but it’s getting close).  I’ve been visiting my sister, nephews, and mother in this very cul-de-sac for…what?…a decade now?  So psychologically it’s been strange to wrap my head around the fact that, for the time being, this is my home too.  Not to insinuate that everyone hasn’t been extremely hospitable.  Everyone has been note-perfect in making me feel at home.  I’m just saying…finding myself suddenly living here (because really, once I started applying for jobs, the whole thing happened pretty quickly) has been a challenging but very fun mental exercise.

I’ve been slow to begin “exploring” my new surroundings.  Those of you who were here for my Erie Journal will recall my immediate submersion into that local culture.  A few things have slowed my explorations this go-round: mainly, when I moved to Erie, I was continuing work with the company I’d been with before, in a position I’d worked in before.  For this move, most of my focus has been on work, as I train for a new company, performing a job that is very different from my last one.  Hence, most of my mental capacities at the time are centered on the new job until I can be certain nobody there perceives me as a buffoon.  Secondarily, because of the timing of when my last day was with my previous job and when I started my new job, I just went 5 weeks without a paycheck, which will turn anyone into a homebody.

All this is my way of saying to my loved ones—both in Central PA and also the ones right here in this cul-de-sac— you’ll be seeing more of me soon.  I know part of why I and some of you were excited for my move was that we’d get to see more of each other, and I’ve been here for a month now without even a plan to visit Central PA and very little time spent with my family here. I think I see the light at the end of my “adjustment period” coming soon.  Be patient with me, I’m a fickle bastard.

Those of you tuning in occasionally hoping to see a bunch of “Hey, look at all this neat stuff I’m doing!”, stay tuned.  I have so many things planned in the near future, it’s damn-near frustrating.  Although today, my mom and I did go see the room in Independence Hall where our nation was born:


6 Responses to “Philly Journal, 7/13”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I don’t handle those situations well where there are people waiting to see me and money/time standing in the way. I just assume with every passing second they’re hating me more and more.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah, it sucks. I kind of have the same feeling, that they hate me with each passing moment. Although intellectually I know it’s not true…I’m not the center of their universe. At least…not many of them :)

  2. Kiwi Warchola Says:

    I’m happy you’re in Philly. I’ll be in Jersey Monday- Tuesday to drop my brother off. We should try to meet up. As Philly has always been “home” to me, I’m excited to read more of these. I have a wierd feeling about the city right now, knowing my Dad doesn’t live there anymore, so I’m thinking that seeing you experience it through new eyes will help. Love you Noodle.

  3. How is the training going? Was it just about what you expected?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Yeah it’s pretty much what I thought. It’s a brutally quick training…3 weeks in and I’m being trained to run shifts, barely had time to learn the lattes! But I’m keeping up because I’m an extraordinary human being.

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