I will come to your house and I will be Vicky, alright.

Last night, I called my friend Kyle to try to help him with a phone problem he was having.  The first call unexpectedly went to voicemail, and I thought I’d leave him an interesting one.  Using something like a cartoonish gangster 50s-era Brooklyn accent, I went on a long, stream-of-consciousness tirade that made almost no sense.  I’m certain it wasn’t comedy gold—perhaps just a little interesting.  But it got funny when Kyle e-mailed me a little later saying that Google Voice had transcribed the message, or at least, what it THOUGHT it had heard.  I suppose the program was confused by the accent and the speed at which I spoke.  The transcription is below.  It is amazing just HOW wrong it is.  I said almost none of these words.  (interestingly, I didn’t even say the names it uses!  I think the only name I said was Frank).  The only words I recognize as having used are Frank, Pickles, Key, and Meet.  Thanks, Google Voice, for a great laugh!

Bill, Wayne Anderson. Here there buddy there, but I’m lying Towers guy. They’re, weighing fishermen. Frank this a number that is exactly the other day and I was walking around the world of Pickles and i was like in the building another. The because of the been fickle. Look, I don’t know from the close. What I’m trying to sell used. I don’t have the key it in the comment tonight. Alright, I can meet today without the key. You know I don’t know where you live. I don’t know what I mean. I don’t know what the story. I don’t know whether golf balls well, but I don’t know if you knew and I. If you wanna. I had to go out to the possibly work with Chef and you wanted to add. I will come to your house and I will be Vicky, alright, do a complete and clear one alright. Bye bye.


2 Responses to “I will come to your house and I will be Vicky, alright.”

  1. That is so Funny!!!

  2. You will be Vicky eh? Enticing…

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