It’s Bullshit

Mortgages.  Expensive haircuts.  Ridiculous slang.  Television commercials.  Baby name books.  Hashtags.  Building permits.  Your fancy phone.  Clothing that’s advertisement.  Frosted tips.  Pinkwashing.  Monsanto.  Only getting your news from television.  The collapse of cursive.  Gawdy shoes.  Showrooming.  Sticking your camera really close to a flower or plant and thinking it makes you artistic.  Denying global warming or evolution or the Holocaust.  Enormous housing developments.  The designated hitter rule.  Cities that are pedestrian-unfriendly.  Advocate judges.  Television advertisers only paying for viewers between 18-49.  Tattoos on your hands.  The Loudness War.  The “hey” text.    The whole Tim Burton-Johnny Depp thing.  Adults who only read fiction meant for teenagers.  Parks with no nature in them.   Loss Leaders.   The price of college.  Big fancy belts.  QSR codes.  Leather.  Flavored vodka.  Flower-scented lotions.  Tanning in tanning beds.  Mashup novels.  ComiCon.  The eternal battle to try to be just like everybody else.  The state of Arizona.  Gastro-bypass surgery.  Inflated IPOs.   Flat paint.  Celebrity magazines.  Skinny jeans.  Foursquare.  Not knowing anything about the history or geography of where you live.  Unbent hat brims.  Congress controlling the Postal Service.  Romantic comedies.  Urban sprawl.

7 Responses to “It’s Bullshit”

  1. craigdelli Says:

    I mostly agree except – I sometimes stick a camera close to a plant or a flower, but just to get a closer look at it.
    I like Loss Leaders if I am smart enough to buy only the Loss Leaders (and sometimes pile on a manufacturers coupon just to stick it to them) and not buy their other over priced stuff and get out of the store. Gotta beat them at their game.
    I enjoy some big fancy belts.
    I sometimes think flower scented lotions are nice.
    I can often get into a romantic comedy movie.

    That is all. (:

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Oh, I’ve never seen you post any flower pic of the kind I have in mind. It’s fine to take up-close pictures of plants, some people just get a bit carried away with it.

      I like Loss Leaders too, if, like you, I can buy just them! haha. What is “bullshit” is the store’s use of them to dupe us into spending more.

      I don’t mind some artificial-smelling stuff, but for some reason, the lotions really get me.

      I admit I, too, can often get into a romantic comedy. Some of them are really not bad movies at all. My objection to them is more of a cultural thing: they create and then re-inforce unattainable concepts of love. People who grow up watching these movies think that’s how life is going to be, how relationships are going to be, and it’s just not. It disappoints them with the reality of real life. It’s kind of to women what porn is to men. Men who grow up on porn have a pretty skewed concept of real-world sex, and women fed on romantic comedies have a skewed concept of romantic love.

      • craigdelli Says:

        your point we taken about the way romantic comedies affect women and the way Porn affects men. Generally men are very visual and women are nesting. I am still looking for someone who will compromise a bit between sexual desire and romance. I will agree to turn off the glaring spotlights in the bedroom if she will at least let me have a few small candles lit so I can at least have a little visual. I, in exchange, will agree to a suitable amount of cuddling time afterwards (half an hour?) But have no desire to “hold you in my arms all night” or sweep you off your feet and live happily ever after in a castle (like in the romantic movies)

        • craigdelli Says:

          should have been “your point WELL taken”. not “we”

          • sethdellinger Says:

            Yeah, I think something “in between” the two extremes of ideals would probably be quite suitable for both genders; unfortunately these cultural factors like the movies and porn (don’t get me started on “women’s magazines”…they’re even worse!) prevent most of us from easily finding the middle ground…

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Fuck yes! Bend your fucking hat brims, you dumb ninnys!

  3. I wasn’t sure which one was the worst until urban sprawl hit. Then it was clear.

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