My Body is a Cage

2 Responses to “My Body is a Cage”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Bra-fuckin’-vo! And again no comments! What is with people?! Did you at least get some views after the books went out?

    The lines, “Some people think life exists only to be shared, or failing that, to be relayed, told in successive stories as though one might live forever…if only everything could be shared shared shared”, did you in any way mean this video to be a bit of irony?

    I’m curious why you decided to make this password protected. Was it just to make the few able to see it feel exclusive? I’m digging this new club. If members are allowed suggestions I would say the only thing missing is a bowl of crunchy snacks. That would be great right now.

    For all my film snobbery and film school training I never was any good at recognizing artistic imagery as what the author is trying to convey. Maybe it’s meant to be whatever you want it to be, but I wish I was better at spotting those things. Upon first sight of any images they are just nouns to me. It takes a few times for me to get anything that’s less than obvious. I seem to be really good at porn though.

    Great job. Do more! You don’t like when people tell you what to do so never mind. Watch ‘Arrested Development’. Kidding.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      You are the third person to access the entry. The first person texted me a very nice reply (non-bloggers just have no idea how much we want BLOG COMMENTS), and unfortunately, I have no idea who the second one was (I suppose it could have been the first person, watching it again). It’s definitely a drag, seeing as I sent out about 40 books….but I did send them out in phases, and some people have only had theirs for a few days. We’ll see how many views it has within a month. Lots of people don’t read the stuff I give them for a few weeks.

      Oh there is definitely LOTS of irony going on, not just with the video but with the whole project. I have a piece in there about how I never want to talk about myself, right before my fucking Netflix queue printout. It’s not necessarily precise contradictions—the video doesn’t tell a story about myself, it’s more conveying thoughts or emotions—but the whole “packet” (hehe) definitely walks a line of irony. I want to tell you about myself but I don’t really. I want to convey my experience but I don’t. I’m glad you picked up on that theme.

      haha sorry, it wasn’t password protected to create an exlusive club—I just wanted it watched in its appropriate context. I really thought it worked better after one had read the book, or at least with the text of “My Body is a Cage” in front of them. Mainly because there are some shots (like the House of Blues) that would seem kind of senseless but make sense once you’ve read everything.

      Some of the shots are very meaningful, while others are just imagery. A lot of them just exist to kind of put images to the text (although the reader won’t really know which shots correspond to stuff in the book, they’re there anyway) while others exist to forward my theme. Without getting too snobbery anout it, I’ll say one of the main themes in the writings is the concept of the “echo chamber”–the concept that not interacting with other people serves to amplify my own thoughts and personality to the point that it gets confusing (see, mainly, the entry on ‘authenticity’) and I tried to find images that reflected this theme, such as the big cement balls (and the shot repeats itself, naturally) or shots of rows of trees, etc. (this theme is explored through the photographs that repeat themselves but get smaller as the series progresses; the cover image itself ‘echoes’). Some shots I just knew would go well with the music I had already chosen, while still others I thought coincided well with the words in the written piece. My body being a cage, while also being almost indistinguishable from the water, the wood of the boat, etc, is the point of most of the shots that I appear in.

      I would love to do more! But I fear I may have already worn out my welcome woth these to normal, non-film-geek folks. I think most people would find this too similar to “Remember Me as a Time of Day”, and I did one or two things like this before that, which to me were really learning tools, but alas, I fear my audience for videos like this consists of you, my friend Mandy, and Cory if she had the internet. Oh, and my mom. She’ll get here eventually, I’m sure. :)

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