My 69th Favorite Song of All-Time


“Trieste” by Gifts From Enola

Gifts From Enola is a little-known post rock band from Virginia who I became familiar with when they played a show in nearby Pittsburgh.  By far their most brilliant album is From Fathoms, which, although it is without lyrics, chronicles (through song titles and musical thematic elements) a rise from the ocean’s floor, through the various levels of the ocean, finally bursting forth from the sea’s surface (and, once, falling sadly back into the ocean) and then finally cresting the surface again and taking wing, and flying marvelously away, free from the bonds of the sea.  (for instance, the first song title is “Benthos” and the last song is “Aves“).  Knowing my personal history as well as my taste in music, one can easily see how this is so appealing to me.  By far my favorite song on the album is “Trieste” (the name of one of the first exploratory submarines to go extremely deep into the ocean; the song represents the very deep ocean immediately following the sea bed), a song with about 12 different musical sections, and a heavy-metal middle section that gets so intense, it damn-near makes me angry.  “Trieste” was an integral part of my weight loss program.  Each listen while on an elliptical machine could result in 200 calories burnt.

Studio version:


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