My 75th Favorite Song of All-Time

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…and my 75th favorite song of all-time is:

“Twin Peaks Theme” by Angelo Badalamenti

“Twin Peaks” the television show set the tone for and pretty much defined my summer of 2011.  I spent much of the summer secretly thinking I was dying of breast cancer (really) and in a funk (to put it mildly) that essentially ruined my favorite season.  In the midst of this, I discovered “Twin Peaks” was streaming on Netflix, and spent a good portion of most nights in my darkened living room, swaddled in blankets, watching this decidedly morose, twisted town work through it’s existential issues.  Central to the tone of the show and the summer was the music of Angelo Badalamente.  Not just this opening number, but the whole tenor of the show would not be the same without the creeping, synth-goth-classical ponderous score.  I even went so far as to order the soundtrack CD off Amazon (it is still, somehow, in print) and listened to it on repeat everywhere I went (which did not help my omigod-I’m-dying dpression).  Below you’ll find the opening title sequence of the show, and below that, a video I made last summer of a free concert in the park, with the Theme playing over the images.  I find it one of my more interesting juxtaposition videos.



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