A Response to Paul’s Response to My Latest Blog Regarding Photographs

In case you missed it, first I said:

I get a fair amount of ribbing for looking serious in photographs all the time.  As if there was something wrong with some occasional seriousness.  You know, just because you make the same goofy face every time someone takes your picture, doesn’t mean you’re always having an exceptional amount of fun, or you are eccentric or arty.  It just means you’re afraid to look like yourself.

Then Paul said:

“occasional” is where you miss the point here. Damn near all you pictures are with you looking serious. If looking like yourself means like a self absorbed douchebag, then you’ve been spot on. However, some people that love you would love to see you actually look happy in moments you’ve chosen to freeze in time. Wipe that damn smug look off your face and accept that you’re ribbed as a subtle way of saying “say cheese”. Smiling is looking like yourself as well. I hate how I look when smiling in true moments of joy, but it is a part of myself and what I look like.  If you’re posing for a picture, it’s not real anyway…….are any of us real anyway? Does time cruel march allow us to even enjoy the moments we pass?


I was afraid this would happen.  Right before I clicked the “publish” button, I thought to myself, “you should probably clarify this a little bit or people will think this means you’re against smiling”, but I was late for the Harlem Globetrotters, so I said fuck it.

I’m not even remotely close to talking about smiling at all in my original post.  Perhaps you (Paul or any of you) don’t have as many friends as I do who literally make a fucked-up face every time someone takes their picture, but I have more than a handful.  Every time someone snaps their picture, they make a face like someone just walked in on them taking a dump, or like they’re looking in a mirror for boogers up their nose.  And hey, if that’s how you want to look in pictures, fine, go for it.  I was just letting them know it annoyed me.  I have a blog so that I can occasionally vent about the things that annoy me.  And when people are constantly making bizarre faces in photographs, it is literally NOT what they normally look like.  I would like at least a few pictures of what you normally look like.  Smiling or not.

I’m far from being “anti-smile”, and I wanted to clear up any confusion that original post may have caused.  Smiling certainly makes oneself look like oneself (and I deny that ‘damn near all’ my pictures are non-smiling; just the most recent ones, because I’ve just been having fun with them.  Expect more.  I’m a vain prick, and although I’m hilarious, I’m also serious as a motherfucker, and lately I like looking serious as a motherfucker) just as much as a serious picture.  Really my blog entry earlier this afternoon was just aimed at weirdos who won’t stop making King Kong booger-finder faces.  Whether it makes them happy or not, it annoys the shit out of me.

(OK now, let me clear up the next misunderstanding:  I am not always anti weird faces!  Geez people, give me a break!  I’m just talking about people who make the same weird face all the time!)

Oh, and did you really have to call me a self-absorbed douchebag?

Here are some pictures of me smiling relatively recently (Number 4: smiling while serious):

That's my freakin' niece (Paul's daughter Ella)

With nephews Aiden and Ethan

This is me being so attractive it stopped traffic.

Serious smile

10 Responses to “A Response to Paul’s Response to My Latest Blog Regarding Photographs”

  1. 1st off…regardless of intension, most of your photos lack the smile, which I love and have been endeared to half my life

    2ndly…the douchebag comment was only there to elicit a response. Plus I enjoy the term “douchebag” and don’t think it gets used enough. I’m actually flattered it gained its own entry

    C…I’m sorry I don’t have as many friends as you. You’re so cool and important

    4th…I agree with the stupid face in photos phenomenon. Just be you is all I ask as well

    E…I can’t help I have boogers

    7…I know I forgot 6

    g…had you been more succinct in your point I would have said nothing (maybe). I hope you enjoyed The Trotters…and the game

    8…you gazing at or slightly askew from camera is not really you either. People aren’t moments, they’re lives

    You are the best and don’t let my constant “variant realities” let you think I assume you’re any different

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I gotta go to work so I can’t fully reply, but I do need to say, regarding “C”…Paul for the love of God, start reading the words I’m actually writing!! “Maybe you don’t have as many friends as I do who literally make a fucked up face every time someone takes their picture”….the sentence does not stop at “maybe you don’t have as many friends as I do”

      • I love how angry you get at the things I say. The C comment was just me poking fun (thus the begining of the change ordering). You often find the strangest thing I write down to fixate on for comment and you seem to take it so seriously. I know sarcasim doesn’t translate well to the writen word, but you really couldn’t have believed that to be an honest comment.
        Although, thinking back on the words you actually wrote, isn’t the sentance really more of an indictment on the people you call your friends and, in turn, your reasoning for making them your friends. What is the quality in this “more than a handful” of “weirdos” that make them your friend?
        Besides….I can’t help my own douchebaggery from shining through when feel compelled to comment

        • sethdellinger Says:

          Well, I’ve responded to this about a dozen times and had to erase it and start over because each time seems like I’m whining. I encourage disagreement and debate, but maybe if you could just avoid making me seem like an absolutely horrible person, that would help me not “over-react”. Whenever I read a comment from one of my best friends where the words “smug” and “self-absorbed” are used, it tends to fuck me up. Even though those words DO describe me fairly well, I’m never prepared to be called out like that, and publicly, too. You’ll just have to accept the fact that I will always react “sensitively” as long as your online method of disagreeing with me is to tear me apart personally.

          As to why I have so many friends who do things like make stupid faces at the camera constantly, it comes down to remaining in the restaurant biz as long as I have. It means I continually have younger acquaintances than a lot of people my own age, and while I don’t “friend” my employees, I do transfer restaurants often, and end up picking up the “ex” employees alot…looking at the people I was referring to in the original post, they’re all udner 25….and ex employees.

          • I never mean to make you feel bad. I’m not quite the wordsmith you are, so I’m left with language that may be a bit colder than I’d use in person. That, I suppose, is the reason for the miscommunication in the debates that in the past spoke to our friendship.

            • sethdellinger Says:

              Well I’m sure we can weather this storm, old chum. Like I said, please don’t stop disagreeing or debating…just please ask “In person, would this make Seth cry?”

              • That’s the problem though….I’m always surprised by that response. I never reread and understand why it would, but I guess I read it in my “tone”

                • sethdellinger Says:

                  Well I’ll just have to grow thicker skin then and just remember to read your responses in a sarcastic tone.

  2. I just read something really compelling and important to this conversation:

    Honest depictions of reality offend intelligent people

    I think that line sums up all that has been discussed in these posts. Reality is a construct of our inner mind. We bend and manipulate words to mean what our minds put forth as our reality. I appreciate what the world puts forth and revel in the order I place upon it. The sense I super impose on the world is only valuable to me in my construct. I believe most people can’t deal with reality as it is but only as they perceive it. Maybe I fall into that category, but maybe my life’s experience has told that is the only logical conclusion.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      I dig what you’re saying, but I think it’s a little simpler than that (weird, I know), but, at least with the folks I’ve observed making the faces, I can tell they’re all kind of challenged in the self-esteem department. I suspect it’s a way of not having to deal with not liking the way they look in the picture, because they’re making their “silly face”.

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