Maghound, Tree of Life, and holy boxes!

1.  Yesterday I learned that one of my nearest and dearest services, Maghound, will be going out of business.  Now, Maghound isn’t famous, and I’ve never mentioned it on this bloggy wog despite being a product evangelist for four years and an early adopter of the service (I signed up in it’s first month of beta testing).  What it is (was) is a service that allows you to recieve a bunch of magazines without subscribing to them, and to change which magazines you get a monthly basis.  I was usually on the 7-a-month plan, so I would choose 7 magazines from their vast selection.  If one month I got, say, Golf Magazine (I never did) and didn’t like it, I could change that slot the next month to get Mother Earth News (great mag).  Maghound wasn’t the method I used to get my favorite magazines—those I always actually subscribe to, the old-fashioned way, but Maghound has been a wonderful way for me to explore new realms of reading, and along the way, I’ve found a lot of publications that I’ve really loved, and been able to get one or two issues of magazines that interest me but not enough to recieve for a whole year.  It really has been a great service (and they have some of the best customer service representatives I’ve ever had to talk to) and I am extremely sad that it is going out of business.  It’s been a part of my life like Netflix is for myself and many others, and it sucks that there’s probably not even a single other person I know who will mourn it with me.  So I say here, on this tiny little bloggy wog:  I’ll miss you, Maghound!

2.  The order I would vote for the films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (I’ve seen them all):

1.  The Tree of Life
2.  Hugo
3.  The Artist
4.  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
5.  The Descendants
6.  Midnight in Paris
7.  The Help
8.  Moneyball
9.  War Horse

3.  I’m not a pack rat, but it’s dawned on me recently that I may have a few too many things that I am just “kinda into” that I am constantly accruing for no serious purpose.  For instance, I can’t stop aquiring bags; I love getting messenger bags, sling backpackscargo bags, and, most shamefully, totes.  I essentially have a closet full of these (thankfully inexpensive) things I almost have no use for.  In the summer, when I bike a lot, I have one small backpack that I use exclusively for biking, and one messenger bag (the first one I ever got) that I use when I do things like go to a Starbucks and write and read like a pompus asshole.  These bags are not falling apart anytime soon, so why I keep getting new ones is mystifying.

Likewise, I have about 200 more notebook-type things than I will use in a lifetime.  I simply cannot stop buying composition books (in 3-packs), small yellow legal pads, cheap black patent leather journals (for the love of God, don’t ever buy me a Moleskine journal, I hate them!), planners, and, oddly, these.  Now, I actually do quite a bit of writing, and not just the fancy-schmancy crapola that turns up on ye olde Notes From the Fire, but I’m always making little insignificant lists and writing little cheeseball sayings and quotes from movies and letters to friends, etc etc; I typically have one or two notebooks of various types going for each room of my apartment, and some that travel from room to room for various reasons.  I seriously require 7 or 8 different notebook-type things at any given time.  But I probably have close to a hundred (again…thankfully cheap) things of this nature right now.  I just love buying them. 

Guess what else this weirdo loves?  Boxes.  Not cardboard boxes, but boxes like this and this and this.  Oh, I’ve got them.  Oh, and photo boxes?  Michaels has them on sale for 2 bucks right now and it’s all I can do to keep myself from buying 50.

I guess what I’m saying is…what the hell is wrong with me?

8 Responses to “Maghound, Tree of Life, and holy boxes!”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    I did a free trial of Maghound in 2010. Two of the magazines I got are still with me, unread. I really do want to read them. They’re perpetually on my to-do list. It was a cool service, but who has the time to read that many magazines. How do YOU have the time to read all those magazines with your work and other bohemian things in your life?

    It’s too bad you’re not into cardboard boxes. My dad has worked in that industry his entire professional career. I still don’t 100% understand exactly what he does, but he works mostly with boxes for wineries.

    You still doing that rent a painting thing?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Massive amounts of reading has always been a part of my life. I actually have trouble understanding how the rest of you function WITHOUT it. I typically read one or two magazines a DAY, in addition to one or two daily newspapers (I’m subscribed to one, but I’ll often purchase another one), as well as putting in some work on whatever book I’m reading, and this is before any reading I do online, or, say, some poetry reading. It isn’t a matter of finding the time for it; it’s a part of my daily life that is routine. Part of how I am able to fit everything in (I also watch a movie I’ve never seen before, on average, once a day) is that I literally have zero down time. I am never just watching television, sitting on the couch, doing nothing else. The only time that happens is when I’m watching a movie I haven’t seen before or one of the few shows I follow. If, for instance, I’m watching a football game, I’m also reading, or writing, or whatever. But I find it impossible to just sit there. I read or write in bed up until the moment I shut the light off. Of course, some days I just don’t have time. I have thrown out plenty of magazines or newspapers unread; I try very hard not to think of them as obligations.

      Ask your dad if he does any “fancy” cardboard boxes. I could be into those.

      No, I stopped TurningArt awhile ago. It was a cool thing but just didn’t excite me anymore. Plus I got to keep the badass frame, which I have used for a really sweet “Night of the Hunter” poster.

  2. Where have you been all my life!!!! But seriously, I have no room to talk….I’m definitely a purse/bag freak. I’ve got way more than I need or use. I’m doing better with it lately though! I end up getting neat purses, bags or cases but only ever really using a few. I’ve been using the alligator purse for quite a while now so when I see something I like, I ask myself if I would give up the alligator for it. And usually the answer is no, and I actually restrain from buying it. Something else that I have a ton of is hats. And the funny part is (and this just occurred to me), is that I hardly ever even wear hats! But I love them and have ended up with way more than a couple.

    And skates! Six pairs of my own to be exact. My derby speed skates, outdoor speed, brown suede “boardwalk ” style, black artistic, inline speed and another pair of speed quads. And these don’t come cheap and silly me is contemplating another pair with my tax return. I’ll just stop before you determine that I have issues ;)

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha why would I determine that you have issues when I just outlines my own issues?? Of course, the skates are more expensive, but I only talked about my cheap problems! I didn’t mention my addictions to DVDs, wall art and movie posters, or expensive first editions of poetry collections! (I’m pretty good at controlling these, it’s just that I always WANT to buy them). I think the desire to get things like this (and the stuff you want) is good. These are passions that show we are engaged with the world and that we are actively seeking out enrichment. We just have to be able to control ourselves so we don’t end up in the poor house!

  3. Well this wholly and completely underlines that you and Ethan are more related than he and I are. He is a huge collector of boxes and bags. He has more boxes than anyone I know and if you showed him the photo box sale at Michael’s he would whip out his wallet and demand to be taken there, immediately, so that he could peruse the different designs and buy 2 or 3 or 5 of them.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It is really strange how alike he and I are in many ways. However, what I find more strange is how I think Aiden and I are so incredible alike, as far as core personality, and Ethan and I are dissimilar in that way. Now, I suppose it’s possible that externally that is not true, but when I interact with Aiden, he acts the way I FELT as a young boy and I long for when he’s a little bit older and I can have some serious talks with him. When I think about them both, it’s like myself, split in two. But like I said, that’s how I percieve them. You knew me as a child more than I did, it’s possible I was completely like Ethan.

  4. When I decided to move down here with Adrienne and family, I had a gigantic auction. I left about 20 or 30 totes, bags, and carryalls. I just looked into my tote tote, and lo and behold, I am building it back up again. I can’ stop myself.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha what is it about totes??? I just love them, even though I almost never use them!!! I really love the Phillies one you gave me last time you were here…I just wish I could find an occasion to use it!

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