even through the glass darkly
even on the disappearing page
even with expert testimony to the contrary
even in the fallen logic
even with Victoria’s Secret exposed
even in the NHL
even when sex fails
even as the canon obliterates
even at the abandoned construction site
even as burlesque
even with poison in the baby formula
even with the sequel canceled
even though the food smells funny
even though they joined the NRA
even as we suspect him of knowing more than he’s saying and saying more than he knows
even among the funeral directors
even in January thaw ozone heat
even with Harpo silenced
even with ice in the forecast
even with Republicans in Congress
even with sixty-seven channels for the price of one if you act now
even if you never act
even asleep in a limousine with chocolate seeping on her breast
even as we speak
even without Rogaine
even with the recovery of the black box
even after the celebrated divorce
even as the crow flies
even for Steven
even in manuscript form
even in flames
even on a cross in Jerusalem
even without statistical significance
even as the pages burn but the words fly away
even behind the filthy moaning curtain
even as the list grows
even though you lied to me
even though I lied to you
even painted on a turtle’s shell
even when read against the text

2 Responses to “Deconstructed”

  1. I dig it. Big time.

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    The limousine line is pretty much a genius stroke!

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