My 91st Favorite Song of All-Time

My 91st favorite song of all-time is:

“Shimmer” by Fuel

I’ve had the pleasure of having been in love once with a really amazing woman (this one) who, once we broke up, became (really!) one of my best friends.  Now, during that transition time, we had some rocky moments (mostly, I was a damn mess) but we worked through it because, I think, we somehow knew that we’d always have a connection, even if it wasn’t romantic.  And so it came to pass that we may be one of the few couples in the world to have an unofficial “we’re broken up” song, “Shimmer” bu Fuel.  I remember first noticing that we were kind of both singing it to each other when we took a trip to Florida, only a few months after our breakup.  Every time I hear it, I’m there, in that balmy, humid Southern night, in a ramshackle pickup truck outside a convenience store, waiting for her racist uncle to buy us a case of beer, singing the saddest song in the world to a woman I still loved, one way or another.

6 Responses to “My 91st Favorite Song of All-Time”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Now that’s just the definition of a cute story!

  2. Wow. I’m so happy and complimented and nostalgic and thankful and… A lot of things. I remember that Florida trip was a blast despite the break up. I was simply destined to be your friend, despite all the circumstances. :) I love you Noodle! Btw, the link takes me to your FB page, not mine. Unless of course the girl you’re referring to is not me and this is really some sort of metaphor about loving/ hating one’s self, but I kinda doubt it. Anyway, I love being mentioned in your blog!

    • sethdellinger Says:

      haha it’s definitely you Kiwi. The link takes me to your page, so who knows. I’ve got Kyle checking to see where it takes him.

      It really was a great trip. Remember there were mega forest fires at the time, and it was raining ash a lot of the time?

  3. Great story to a good song. I love the EP version more than the actual album version.

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