My 94th Favorite Song of All-Time

My 94th favorite song of all-time is:

“Bushwick Blues” by Delta Spirit

You probably don’t know this marvelous gem from San Diego’s indie band Delta Spirit, but you damn well should.  “Bushwick Blues” tells the story of a very brief romance that meant much more to our narrator than it seems to have meant to the young woman who, we are left to imagine, has probably all but forgotten him.  If you haven’t experienced this kind of attraction imbalance, you haven’t done enough living.  (a few of the lines mystify me; I can only guess that “when you sang a sonnet/ I hummed sweet relief” means that he’s happy she cooler or smarter than he had expected)

I implore you to watch the video below of Delta Spirit performing the song live; they really are an electrifying live act, and they play “Bushwick Blues” with a special amount of vigor  (especially a blistering finale). If you’re interested in hearing the studio version, you can stream it free on their MySpace page.  I’ve also included the lyrics under the video.

Hold on to my hand.
Never let go
(Never let go)

We were just two kids,
acting tough.
Then we grew up.
Me, not so much.
All the other guys
that you’ve seen
are nothing compared to me,
because my love is strong
and my heart is weak,
after all.

When we first met
we spoke so brief;
when you sang a sonnet
I hummed sweet relief.
Do you recall that night
we took the El
out into Bushwick?
It was colder than Hell.

So maybe there
we should have stopped
cause I’m left here feeling like a cop
because my love is strong
and my heart is weak,
after all.

To the other side of the state’s return
I met a young girl.
Well I couldn’t manage her.
Because I think of you
in every girl I meet.
It’s no relief
that sounds to me
just as sweet.

So maybe I’m the fool for feeling used.
By the way we kissed that night
I thought you knew.
Because my love is strong
and my heart is weak,
after all.

2 Responses to “My 94th Favorite Song of All-Time”

  1. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    So I was listening to the song as I read the lyrics and I swear sometimes it sounded like Neil Young singing! I really dug that song!

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