My 100 Favorite Songs of All Time

Yes, that’s right.  I have created another mind-blowing, completely useless personal list (to go along with this one and this one and this one).  However, I will be posting them one at a time.  But wait!  I hear what you’re saying!  Seth, didn’t you do a complete “overhaul” on your blog just a short while ago to do away with crap like this, make your blog more personal, more artistic, more (let’s just say it) pretentious?

Why yes, dear reader, I did make such an overhaul, but who cares?  You’re not going to care about this list anyway, so stop pestering me.  Once I thought of the idea of coming up with and ordering a list of my 100 favorite songs, the idea would not go away.  I just had to do it, even if I knew just about nobody was even going to look at it.  It just seemed fun to me, so I’m doing it.  I like doing things that I find fun.

As usual with things like this, I’m about to over-explain it to you.  I utilized the same “desert island” criteria to rank these as I did with my other similar lists; that criteria can be read here.  Also it will be of import to bear in mind that I have tried as hard as possible to consider all songs I have loved throughout my life (and whether or not I still love them), instead of just considering all the bands and songs that I am into at this point of my life.  So this list may not look like the shoe-gazing hipster-fest you might expect (although it certainly will, at points).

Whereas the other lists I’ve linked to above were posted all at once, individual songs seem to beg to have their own posts.  While I realize one hundred individual posts about songs may seem like it will bog things down, it’s just my blog, so don’t worry about it.  I’ll be posting them irregularly, whenever I feel like it.  It might take a year, it might take a hundred days; who knows?

I won’t be linking every post to Facebook or Twitter, so if you have an interest in seeing them all, I encourage you to get e-mail updates when I post; just click on the “follow” icon in the upper right of the blog’s home page.

The list is already made and complete, so the final list will be a snapshot of how I feel about the songs today; obviously any such list is a fluid and ever-changing thing, so any new additions, etc, that should happen to enter my life between now and the list’s completion will just have to sit in the corner.

OK, now, song #100 is…

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something

I know not everyone is in love with this song.  Some consider it a trifle, a confection.   And sure, it’s not the heaviest lifting in the world, but aside from being severely “catchy”, I’ve always thought the chorus was a little bit brilliant.  “And I said What about ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  She said I think I remember the film.  As I recall I think we both kind of liked it.  And I said, well that’s the one thing we’ve got.

Some folks think the back-and-forth quoting is kind of clunky for a song, but I think it’s a wonderful examination of two people desperate to find any reason to be happy with one another, when they obviously have no reason to be.  Aside from the simple premise that the only thing they have in common is the enjoyment of a film, the word choice here makes it even more pitiful; not only is the only thing they have in common a movie, but they’re barely even sure of that.  The narrator says As I recall, it seems to me…and they didn’t even “love” the movie but we both kinda liked it.  And then instead of throwing themselves into this deception full-bore, they settle for a I guess that’s the one thing they’ve got.

Obviously the couple won’t be together much longer, and anyone who’s been in the final stages of a relationship that they can see is ending, but they’re not quite ready for it, should be able to appreciate the perfection of how this unique moment in a relationship is expressed here.

(a deeper, academic interpretation might surmise the song encapsulates the fragility of all human relationships, and the futility of ever attempting to connect romantically).

Listen to the chorus on

7 Responses to “My 100 Favorite Songs of All Time”

  1. LOVE this song!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Oh you’re a motherfucker! I saw the e-mail alert for this and I made up in my mind that I would read your list and not make my own. I just thought I’d have to resist the temptation once and be good to go. But nooooooooooooooo you gotta make me read 99 more of these and try to resist the urge 99 more times. I got 99 problems and your list is one.

    So now let’s just make bets as to how far you get into your posts before I break down and make my own. Seth’s friends, you can join in on the guessing fun!

    I, like most people, never liked the song, but I also never hated it. Just a “meh”.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Dude. It’s really hard. Try to avoid it. You have to commence the project with the full knowledge that you will end up forgetting a song you love. I don’t know why I do it to myself.

      I bet you do it by the time I get to #80.

      You mean my expert analysis of the lyrics didn’t automatically make you love it?

  3. I sing this all the time. I fear it would be further up on a list like that for me. Don’t tell anwyone…

  4. Oh and I have been contemplating something like this too so I echo Kyle in saying thanks for the constant temptation.

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