So, I just lost 32 pounds in 87 days.

I wanted to wait until I’d gotten all the way to my goal (a loss of 50 pounds) to spring this on everybody, but I just got too impatient, not to mention that at my heaviest, I had actually gotten so fat (that’s right, I said fat) I feared some of my loved ones were worried about my health (rightfully so) and some women were considering never sleeping with me again, so I figured I should put it out there.  I’ve just lost 32 pounds in 87 days!

Like I said, my goal is a loss of 50 pounds, which means I’m still 18 away from my goal, although I have decided to slow the loss down so as to not freak my body out too much.  I anticipate it being 3 more months to the goal (which, for the record, is 140 pounds, which is still the heaviest it is recommended for me to be at my height, but at least it’s within my range) and then after that the real fun begins of not just being lighter and skinnier but getting in shape.  And I mean that:  that part will be fun.  Plain-old weight loss is not fun. 

Now, I’ve sorta kinda done this before.  I’ve been known to lose all my weight and then have tons of fun gaining it back.  But I have a good feeling this time is actually the dawning of the all-important “new lifestyle”.  This is the first time I’ve lost weight since I quit smoking, hence it is the first time since I was a wee lad that I’ve been able to couple dieting with an effective work out plan (dear smokers who are contemplating commenting “I smoke a pack a day and work out all the time!”…just don’t bother.  I don’t give a shit).  This is how this weight came off so quickly.  I remember very clearly how to exercise like crazy; I just wasn’t ever able to do it as a smoker.  I haven’t used any fancy fad diets.  That is way too much thinking for me.  I’m an old-fashioned calorie-counter.  Burn more of them than you consume—every day—and you’ll lose weight.  Not that I’m pretending to be some freaking weight loss expert.  This is what has worked for me.  Remember:  I was a mediocre (at best) wrestler in high school for two years before I quit because the coaches questioned my masculinity.  Really.  So I know a thing or two about weight loss.

So yes, I go to a gym.  Planet Fitness, to be exact.  I would love to go to a better gym with things like a swimming pool, squash courts, etc, but the first and most vital characteristic I am looking for in a gym is that it be open 24-hours, and here in Erie, Planet Fitness was the only option, despite there being roughly one million gyms.  But my work schedule and lifestyle requires the ability to go to the gym at 3am sometimes.  It’s really quite lovely.  On at least a dozen occasions, I have had the gym entirely to myself.

As I said earlier, I’m hoping and I sincerely believe this is actually the start of a kind of new lifestyle for me.  It makes sense with the way I already like to live—bicycling, hiking, kayaking, urban exploration.  I’ve been a pretty active guy for a long time, but I just happened to be various stages of fat most of the time.  I was using my recovery from my old addictions as crutches for being fat.  But there’s only so long one can use those excuses.  Nearly 9 years after quitting drinking and over two years after quitting smoking, I was no longer eating to fill a hole.  I was just…eating.

But do allow me to take a moment to talk to you about the eating I’ve done over the past two years.  I was already overweight when I moved to Erie.  Once I got here, I really made a conscious decision to go to town on the food.  I didn’t know anybody here; there was never a possibility of running into people I knew, old girlfriends, people I went to high school with.  Likewise, I was taking a self-imposed hiatus from women, so I had no desire to attract the opposite sex.  What I did want to do was eat.  And boy-howdy! did I ever.  Literally anything I wanted, as often as I wanted, for almost two straight years.  I can’t imagine very many people other than the chronically overweight have experienced this.  I saw myself gaining weight quite quickly, probably in the first month after moving here.  I told a lot of people at the time, and I stand by this notion even now, that getting fat was actually rather fun.  I’d been overweight for a long time, but this utter ballooning was new.  There was something fascinating about seeing what this body became as it expanded; what I was no longer capable of, where I could no longer reach, what I could no longer see.  It was like I was living inside someone else’s body.  Laying in the bathtub, looking down at this mass, this flesh mound in front of me, not even wet, not even touching the water.  In a perverse way, it gave a sense of accomplishment not unlike the feeling I get from losing weight.  Sure, it’s easy to gain weight and anyone can do it, but would anyone do it like I just had, on purpose, preventably, almost for a lark?  It seemed evidence that I was living differently, just the way I wanted to, convention be damned.

Of course, after awhile, it turns out that you’re just fat, regardless of your big ideas.  You get sick of not being able to wipe properly or scratch the back of your knee without pulling a muscle in your back.  And I figured, OK, I’ve now experienced total fatness (190 pounds at my heaviest, which is a lot when you’re 5’2”) and there’s really no reason to continue with it.  I still love eating but even unbridled consumption can get old.  Nobody likes being hungry, but how many BK Stackers or buckets of KFC chicken can one eat until it all becomes a sort of caloric wash, one long, changeless memory of uninteresting satisfaction.  Time for me to try something different yet again.

I know what you’re all saying.  “Seth, how can you be so vain to write this long of a blog entry about losing 32 pounds?”  But then after that, you might also be saying, “We want a picture!”  Well, I will give you one.  Bear in mind, I am far from a finished product.  I have lost almost all the fat from my face but I still have some belly to lose, although I’ve definitely lost at least half of the belly already.

First, a “before” picture.  This is from my sister’s wedding a few months ago (still a little but before I hit 190)…I was probably sucking it in as much as possible here, too:


And look at the size of my head here:


Here are two I took this morning showing my progress.  I look like a total doof in both of them but “posing” for pictures has never been my strong suit:




Oh, and here’s one I took by accident when I forgot to set the self-timer.  Everyone tell me how amazing I am!



22 Responses to “So, I just lost 32 pounds in 87 days.”

  1. Way to go! That is terrific!

  2. You. are. amazing! You look so great! Now we look alike again, which is really cool, and, PS you pose just like me.

  3. I Love it!!! I will be catching up in a little while. I have only, alas lost 5 pounds. Since Christmas.

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Congratulations, and may I say, you are one sexy dude. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I decided on sunday that I was going to lose weight. I gained alot of pounds when I quit smoking.

    • Anonymous Says:

      this is ron by the way

      • sethdellinger Says:

        Well way to go quitting smoking Ron! Make sure you’re good and quit before you worry about losing the weight, being a non-smoker is definitely more important than the weight (although I am no medical doctor)

  7. That is awesome! I’ve also been on a major weight loss journey after having children, etc. I’m really proud of you!! You look great!!

  8. Huh. Age and weight loss has treated you well! I remember that attractive man. Your new, thinner face has… settled into itself nicely, I guess you could say. I’m not trying to shit in your pants here, (side note: I heard that phrase somewhere, I’m not sure I’m using it right, but screw it. You’ll get the picture,) but you do look good.
    Also, I have actively tried to get fat. I stoped modeling after 12 or so years and I thought, “Fuck it! I’m gonna get fat!”. It kind of worked, I gained weight, but stayed within my weight range. But still, that’s a lot of weight for a former model! I gained almost 30 pounds before I just naturally stabilized! I still take imense pleasure in cheese. Cheese it the absolute bestest thing ever invented in the history of ever. Anyway, Congrats! I’m very proud of you! Just make sure you loose in a healthy way.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      so basically what you’re saying is, you want to get back together now, right? :)

      haha I keed, I keed! Dude, cheese rules my life.

  9. […] blog.  So yes, I am once again losing weight.  If you’re a long-time reader, you may recall we’ve been down this road once before.    I’ll stop short of saying I’m a chronic “weight bouncer”—I’ve […]

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