Dear G_d,

I rejoice in the opportunity to clock in early and clock out late;
to be abused by customers and mistreated by bosses;
to delight in my ability to pay off student loans;
to spend my life in serfdom to interest rates I don’t understand;
I take joy in the promise of my own car.


5 Responses to “Prayer”

  1. I am so glad to be retired. I understand completely. I figure that, starting with the paper route at 12 – till working two days shy of my 60th birthday that I deserve it. This poem just reminds my that I do deserve it and have earned it. What a way the 99 percent get to spend their lives, eh?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Indeed, Daddio. And you do deserve it. Work stinks, and the systems that have been set up to keep us in perpetual servitude are, to put it mildly, for the birds.

      Althought I’d like to say, for the record, this is not about ME. I’d hate for anyone from Eat ‘n Park to surf on in here and think I was talking about my job. I don’t ever, ever write about my job. This is from the presective of some sort of Everyman. In effect, in this poem, I would be the “boss” that is being complained about (even though I, like everyone else, have a boss, I would say the narrator of this poem is not referring to company vice presidents. And for that matter, one could not really ask for better corporate executives than in the company I work for). All this should be abundantly clear to anyone who knows me, as I do not have any student loans.

      However, I AM subject to interest rates I don’t fully understand.

      • yes, I knew that you were speaking genericly. I didnt think you had any student loans. I took it ti be the lament of everyman (except the very very privileged of course)

        • sethdellinger Says:

          oh no no Daddy, that whole thing wasn’t directed to you!! haha sorry, I was just clearing that up for everyone. I knew YOU got it. Love you :)

          • sethdellinger Says:

            (basically I felt the need to put that in there in case anyone from my work would ever see it, as it’s certainly one of the few things I’ve ever put here that could be misconstrued as being about my job)

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