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Red Portrait

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Last night she came to me, the dead woman I loved once: but she came as she is in the photo, that Christmas, wearing a red dress, and her lipstick was red (I wonder if that means she lives in Hell), and I saw again that she was beautiful, the same jutting jawline that I have, the same crooked nose, and the exact same age; I saw we could be siblings.  And now I was talking fast to her, because I knew I had no time, and I told her I loved her, I told her how her life had informed mine, and I begged her to come to me again, to my lonely cold apartment and its dusty bookshelves.  I said to her—my work, see what I have made, I have tried to do what you did not live to do.  But she smiled at me and began to fade.

Shit Dying

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Strange Quirks

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I make no secret of the fact that I really, at this point in my life, have little-to-no desire to be in a relationship.  This is, most likely, because something is wrong with me, but whatever.  That’s not what this post is about.  But I promise it’s true: I really have no desire to date anyone (although I stop short of saying “never again”).

A few weeks or a month ago, I was reading an article somewhere about the internet company Yahoo, and how they were failing despite having a multitude of sites and featues available that at first glance, it would seem many users would benefit from.  So out of curiosity, I surfed on over there.  And they DO have a ton of channels (and I was reminded that I’ve been using their movie-showing-times feature for years).  I clicked around a few times just to see what this ghost town was like.  Finance, Shopping, Sports.  It was a fairly nice and helpful site.

Then I clicked on Dating.  Just to see what it was like.  As I said, I have no interest in dating.  Now, I am not opposed to online dating.  I have tried it myself more than a few times, even shelling out big bucks over the course of a whole year once for eHarmony.  I really just wanted to see what could possibly be going on—in Erie—at this supposedly failing ghost town website.  Of course, the site (which is apparently a hybrid of Yahoo and, which Yahoo owns) basically makes you set up an account just to do a search for people in your area.  I was annoyed by this but just casually sped through the process, having no actual interest in getting dates out of the profile.

So I set up my quickie, no-thought profile, checked out the site for a minute or two, and moved on.  But the next day, they started pouring in.  Winks, nudges, private messages. sends me an e-mail every time a woman interacts with my profile—and it’s happening a lot.  Every day, for weeks now, the women of the Erie seem to freaking looooove me.  Now, I can’t interact back, because you need a paid account to do so.  But they do link me to their accounts, and they are real women, no doubt about it.  And having done online dating before, I can tell you this level of attention is unusual.

You may be asking, why am I telling you this?  Because interestingly, this is the profile I created in a quick moment just in order to see the website.  I tried to make it shorter but they had a somewhat annoying minimum character limit.  I tried to be brutally honest about myself to AVOID interest:

Hey there!  I’m just a guy who hasn’t been in a relationship in, like, 5 years and has lived totally alone and developed all kinds of strange quirks that will probably keep me single my whole life.  I am overly opinionated on all sorts of things from art to politics to culture and this overbearing nature often makes me seem like a pretentious know-it-all, which I suppose I am.  I’m a recovering alcoholic (sober 8 years)…it’s not a big deal to me anymore but it seems to matter to women.  I don’t care how much you drink.  I quit smoking 2 years ago and I got fat and haven’t got unfat yet.  I’m short, too, although, despite all this, I think you’ll probably find me undeniably attractive.  I have the face of an angel.  A masculine angel.  I can’t stand sitting at home.  I have to be biking, or walking, or exploring things like historical sites or museums or what have you.  Although I do have a DVD collection so extensive, it’ll make your toes curl.  So go ahead, get in touch with me, let’s see if you can handle me.


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Believe Me

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Believe me,
soon enough that boatman will be here
to carry you high and dry across
this river without a hint of light
except for the coin in your hand.
Stand up straight and tall as you can;
and if he should break the silence to speak,
smile and say nothing in reply.

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