Audio poem: “Pittsburgh (II)”

Year written: 2003
Collection: White Sugar Man

Nobody seems to have ever given a shit about this one, but I maintain that the ending complex images (and hence the image that the entire poem becomes) is one of my all-time masterstrokes.  If I do say so myself.  Click the gray arrow for the audio version.

Pittsburgh (II)

The white and brown houses
(little giftbox sized things)
are stacked on the hillside
like haphazard pancakes,
so close to each other
it seems from this distance
you could spit into
your neighbor’s kitchen.
The trees
(bulbous barely green things)
are nuzzled densely among the homes,
like proud plant pubics.

The fog clouds slide slowly across it all
like television shadows
across a stroke-stricken face.

2 Responses to “Audio poem: “Pittsburgh (II)””

  1. cory w. Says:

    I don’t remember this at all. That seems strange to me, the last line is a stand out.

    • sethdellinger Says:

      It’s about time someone noticed :) I understand it being overlooked. It’s kinda quiet and unassuming. People don’t fall in love with image poems.

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