Monday’s Song: Robert Earl Keen, “Feeling Good Again”

This song makes me so emotional, I can barely ever listen to it.

Feeling Good Again

by Robert Earl Keen

Standin’ down on Main Street
across from Mr. Blues
in my faded leather jacket
and my weathered broke-in shoes.
A chill north wind was blowin’,
but the spring was comin’ on
as I wondered to myself
just how long I had been gone.

So I strolled across old Main Street,
walked down a flight of stairs,
stepped into the hall
and saw all my friends were there.
A neon sign was flashin’ “Welcome, come on in”.
It feels so good feelin’ good again.

My favorite band was playin’
an Otis Redding song.
When they sang the chorus
everybody sang along.
Dan and Margarita
were swayin’ side by side.
I heard they were divorcin’
but I guess they let it slide.
And I wished I had some money with
which to buy a round.
I wished I’d cashed my paycheck
before I came to town.
But I reached into my pocket,
found three twenties and a ten.
It feels so good feelin’ good again.

There was old man Perkins
sittin’ on his stool
watchin’ Butch and Jimmy John
talkin’ loud and playin’ pool.
The boys from Silver City
were standin’ by the fire
singin’ like they thought
they were the Tabernacle choir.
And I wanted you to see them all,
I wished that you were there.
I looked across the room
and saw you standin’ on the stair.
And when I caught your eye
I saw you break into a grin.
It feels so good feelin’ good again.

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