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  1. These last few pics haven’t been my favorite, Noodle. I think if you’re going to photograph trash it better be some really, really interesting trash. Just sayin, yo. <3 u

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Well, the idea with these sort of single, untitled pictures, is they are just adding texture. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want them to be GOOD, but they’re meant as like…a moving wallpaper. So I’m not incredibly concerned about them. In fact, if I could turn off comments on them, I would. But I do see what you’re saying, it’s a largely uninteresting picture. But you also are not a fan of my “sad” pictures, I don’t think…? Which is largely what I’ve been taking lately. So what I’m saying is…you might want to be prepared to not like my pics for awhile. :( Even the Muse gets voted down sometimes haha

  2. …But I really like the new blog title banner! “Balls deep in your computer” is HIIIIIlarious!!

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