I don’t plan on updating my favorite directors list every single time something on it changes, but seeing as how I just posted the list, I thought I would share that my list of top 3 films directed by Robert Redford has just changed, after seeing “The Conspirator” yesterday.  I might like it a bit more than your average Joe, for it being about a subject I already have much interest in.  Anywho, my Redford list now looks like this:

3.  Ordinary People
2.  The Conspirator
1.  A River Runs Through It

Also, before the movie played, there was a trailer for the new Terrance Malick film.  If you’re not a silly movie dork like myself and you don’t know Terrance Malick, well, listen, new Malick films are big deals.  They come about once every ten years and they’re pretty much instant classics.  And not in the way “Titanic” is a classic, but more in the way that Kurosawa or Fellini’s films are classics.  The guy is a serious artist.  And I am a big fan.  And Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are in his new movie.  So needless to say, I was fucking rapt while watching this trailer.  And it was an amazing trailer.  It was one of those rare trailers that made me feel legitimately moved.  As I type this, the only one I can think of in recent memory was this trailer for “Revolutionary Road”.  So, while I know that watching the trailer here on my blog won’t have the same effect as it did for me in the theater, I implore you to watch this trailer for the upcoming Terrance Malick film “Tree of Life”…I find the visuals, sounds, and scant dialogue to be enormously evocative, despite very little (almost zero) plot being revealed:

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  1. That trailer left me breathless. Please let me know when it comes out so I don’t miss it!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Just like people said that there’s no way ‘Dances With Wolves’ deserved Best Picture over ‘Goodfellas’, a lot of people say there’s no way ‘Ordinary People’ deserved Best Picture over ‘Raging Bull’.

    Since I double checked your director list and didn’t see Scorsese on the list at all, can I assume you would not agree with the latter statement?

    • sethdellinger Says:

      Correct. But just in the realm of my personal taste, really. Scorsese is a great director (I actually own more Scorcese films than Redford-directed films) but many of his early, celebrated 70s work all feels forcibly gritty to me. They’re great films but just not down my alley. I’m a weirdo who actually prefers what he’s been doing in the past decade to his more famous works.

      • sethdellinger Says:

        Except for “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”…there’s a 70s Scorsese film I could watch every month.

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