You can stop the train. Just pull the brake.

The Hey Rosetta! show in Asbury Park, NJ with Paul was a truly thrilling experience (so much so that I am locked in an intense internal debate over whether to go see them again in Manhattan sometime Monday or Tuesday…I guess you’ll find out via blog post eventually!)  I’d type a longer entry about Paul andI’s experience, but I’m on my sister’s laptop and this keyboard and mouse are confounding me.  This time, the band was fully electric (you may remember the first two times I saw them, they were acoustic) and it was MINDBLOWING.  Paul and I once again got to thank the band and shake their hands, and we both got handwritten copies of the setlist off the stage (I’ll be scanning mine in when I get home).  A ball-to-the-wall awesome time.  The setlist was:

1.  New Goodbye
2. Yer Spring
3. New Glass
4. Bricks
5. Another Pilot
6. There’s an Arc
7. Seeds
8. Red Heart



Paul at a rest stop on the way home.

One Response to “You can stop the train. Just pull the brake.”

  1. After reading the first sentence, I am tempted to post a spoiler…

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