Dispatch from Home

Hello folks!!! As you may or may not have heard, I am writing you from the ol’ homestead of central Pennsylvania (and New Jersey and maybe New York or Philadelphia, at some point).  I didn’t give any forewarning on this develppment, as I desperately wanted to avoid having an “appointment” vacation, where I make so many plans with people I no longer seem to posses free will.  I want to visit home but also have an actual vacation.  I mean…I work real hard.

Anyway, you won’t (probably) be hearing from me much in the interim, although before I left Erie I set up a few blogs to post automatically (mostly the recurring blogs with days in their names…Monday’s Song, etc) so we won’t feel my absence entirely.  I just wanted to put that out there in case you happen to know I’m in the middle of a 5 hour drive and an Audio Poem posts, you know I’m not doing that shit from my car!

I had a perfect day yesterday, seeing my dad in the morning, some terrific friends (Michael and Kate) in the afternoon, and then having a near-flawless road trip with Paul to see a mind-blowing Hey Rosetta!  (not to mention getting to meet Paul’s precious brand-new son, Parker).  Paul: we somehow seem to have more to talk about with each other than we did as younger men, plus we laugh even more.  What a rare quaility.  You’re a gem, sir.

I’m off to New Jersey now (I know…I was just there yesterday, but I promise, it’s not the same town) to see my mother, my sister, my nephews, and Pumpkin Latte

Also, it’s really sunny, and 42 degrees (right now that feels like 70!)

And just wait till you see the pictures I’ve been getting!

5 Responses to “Dispatch from Home”

  1. Seth,
    Enjoy yourself, take lots of pictures and relish the time with your family and friends! I don’t blame you for coming unannounced and spending your vacation just the way YOU wanted to spend it. Have the greatest time!!

  2. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Just pop over to my place real quick while you’re driving. You’re already in the car, might as well!

    How is Pumpkin Latte? Does he still have those adorable dimples? Send my love.

  3. Bah! Haha! I burst out laughing at the Pumpkin Latte reference! Brian loved it.

    Also, I want to know why Kyle knows about Brian’s dimples. Ahem.

  4. Kyle Sundgren Says:

    Hahaha oh shit! When I made the pumpkin latte remark I didn’t actually click the link. I assumed it was a picture of a coffee drink. I had no idea it was a person.

    But still continue to send my love regardless.

  5. Links are fun!
    I find it mighty cool of you to have set up blogs to post while you’re away. Good on ya, Noodle!
    [Is “good on ya” something people say here? I hear my Irish stepmother and brother use Irish catch phrases so much that I sometimes have trouble remembering whichh ones I should use in public…]

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